Want to Increase Countertop Space? Store Your Kitchen Appliances

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Kitchen designers recommend at least 158in of usable countertops for prep and cooking activities. However, if your kitchen surfaces are already cluttered with appliances, jars, and other stuff, you will not have adequate space to prepare and cook safely and comfortably. Hence, it is important that you reduce the mess and make your countertop space as free as possible. Here are some practical tips to store appliances and make the most of your kitchen area.

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Use Carts and Trolleys

Not everyone has the luxury of unlimited space in the kitchen. Many must manage whatever little space they have. Hence, there is a place for everything to avoid clutter. However, you’re bound to have more appliances that you may need at one time in the kitchen. In addition to cleaning and regularly maintaining gadgets, appliances, and accessories, you must ensure as well that they are stored properly to prolong functionality and prevent damage.

One way to do this if you have limited space is to get utility carts that can accommodate appliances that you are not using often. This will include your crock pots, deep or air fryers, and large pots and pans that are only taken out when you cook big batches of foods for events or festivities. Not only are you able to tuck them out of sight when not in use, you can easily take them when needed without removing so many things in a cupboard before you can get to an appliance that you stored at the back or the top of a cabinet. Even if you do not have a pantry, a trolley can easily find a home in a nook of your kitchen or even a hallway that will not take up a large chunk of your usable countertop space.

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Build an Appliance Garage 

The concept of an appliance garage is nothing new, but should you decide to build one, you can adapt it to fit several machines. To illustrate, if you have an awkward corner in your kitchen, build an appliance cabinet with different levels that you can easily pull out. The basic rule is to store items that you often use at the bottom or at waist level and the other ones at the top. Heavier items should also be at the base of a cupboard for stability. Store a microwave, blender, coffeemaker, or dedicate a drawer to smaller gadgets such as fries cutter, colander, cutting boards, and weighing scales.

Image from House Beautiful

If your current countertop has a space for an appliance garage, build upward by adding shelves including 1 or 2 pull-out ones for convenience. For example, your toaster can sit on the second level and because you can pull it out, you can easily operate it while letting the heat escape. Sliding doors also make it easy to use a bigger machine such as a microwave while remaining hidden when not in use.

Appliances are very handy in cooking and food preparation, but take up space. Using utility carts and building appliance garages are two ways to maximize your kitchen’s storage space and declutter your countertops.