Six Perks of an All-Weather Porch or Patio

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All-weather porches and patios offer similar amenities for homeowners, yet they differ slightly from each other. Porches are typically attached to the exterior of your home and may be elevated from the ground while patios are detached and built into the ground. Regardless, they are very appealing for homeowners, so read below to learn the perks of an all-weather porch or patio!

Year Round Use

Unlike open patios or porches, all-weather rooms are typically built with vinyl, wood, or aluminum frames and enclosed by windows, screens, or a combination of both. This design allows for natural light exposure while also shielding you from the weather and elements. While outdoor living areas may be unusable during inclement or extreme weather, all-weather rooms can be used year-round. They are the perfect equilibrium between the indoors and outdoors, as their relaxing environment allows you to view the outdoor area and natural light with the comfort and protection of an indoor environment. Despite the high amount of natural light, your all-weather porch or patio may still require a heating and cooling system. The best way to heat and cool your all-weather room is with a ductless mini split system. While your home may already have central air installed, the ductwork may not be able to reach the all-weather room without costly renovations. Fortunately, mini splits have a very simple installation process! They help correct temperature imbalances caused by outdoor weather and offer many other benefits, such as heightened efficiency that leads to lower energy bills, air purification capabilities, and low operating noise.

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Lower Energy Bills

All-weather rooms also lower your home’s energy bills, as the high amount of natural light eliminates the need for artificial lighting in the room. While you may still require artificial lighting to use your all-weather room at night, a room primarily lit and heated by natural light will still consume much less electricity, especially if you primarily use your patio or porch during the day. These energy bills savings are only amplified with proper design and the inclusion of a highly efficient ductless mini split HVAC system as well.

Multipurpose Rooms

All-weather porches and patios can serve a variety of different purposes for homeowners. They are most commonly used as a family or living room, as they can provide a much needed change of scenery when socializing. Dining rooms, home offices or gyms, home spas, and entertainment or bar areas are also popular uses.

Homeowners can also use their all-weather room for hobbies and passion projects such as music or art studios. All-weather rooms can even be used as an extra bedroom for any visitors staying at your house, and some use all-weather rooms to store furniture or other items that do not have a place in the house.

Since these rooms are multipurpose, they provide homeowners with the versatility to design and decorate their all-weather rooms as they see fit. Whether you want to match the rest of your home’s aesthetic or create a room unique from others in your home, you can use furniture and decorations to fill the space as you desire. The colors and style factored in with the sunlight and outdoor environment can create a very aesthetically pleasing environment.

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You also do not have to worry about weatherproof furniture, as you would when decorating an outdoor living area. However, certain materials may handle the sunlight exposure and potential humidity better than others, so be sure to consider your climate and room’s purpose when purchasing furniture.

Photo by Souranshi Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine from Pexels

Adds Extra Space

If your home is feeling cramped, an all-weather porch or patio is the perfect solution! The extra space makes your home bigger and provides you with another area to use as you choose. It can provide you with privacy and space from other household members. This is especially advantageous if you host frequent gatherings at your home, as the additional space allows you to invite more people and spread out as needed.

Depending on your home and the all-weather room’s available space, you can even use your room for multiple purposes at once! For example, your all-weather room could have both a bar and entertainment area and a dining room table for meals. This setup would be perfect for socializing! You could also turn your room into a home gym and spa with a hot tub and exercise equipment.

Health Benefits

Adding an all-weather room to your home may result in noticeable improvements to your physical and mental health. Spending time outside and in the sunlight is highly encouraged to help improve your mental and physical health. However, this can be complicated due to personal schedules and the weather, particularly during the extreme heat of summer and cold of winter.

Fortunately, an all-season porch or patio allows you to experience many benefits of the outdoors, particularly sunlight, without exposing yourself to the elements! The high exposure to sunlight provides vitamin D, which increases your bone and hearth health while strengthening your immune system. It also leads to lower blood pressure. The sunlight can also help improve your mental health, especially for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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Increased Property Value

Not only will you get to enjoy your all-weather room while you live at your house, but it will pay off when you decide to sell your property because all-weather porches or patios have been shown to increase your home’s value. According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners typically see a 49% return on investment for their all-weather porches and patios, meaning that about half of the room’s cost is added to your home’s value. These additions are very appealing to prospective buyers for all of the reasons outlined above.

Now that you’ve read all about their benefits, it’s time to add an all-weather porch or patio to your home! While you may be able to construct the room, it may be easier to hire a contractor because they will ensure the job is completed to your exact specifications. There are lots of options and ways to design your dream room, so get creative and have fun with the project! Soon enough you’ll be relaxing and basking in sunlight!