Keeping Home Appliances the Right Way

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It only started with a toaster and coffee brewer. Then, you bought a food processor, which is still okay as you have a lot of counter space at the moment. But before you even realize it, a friend gifted a waffle iron, and your mom gave you her unused egg boiler, you bought a juicer, and more.

If this goes on for a few more years, you will find your kitchen bombarded with appliances. Below are some tips that will make it easier for you to organize and store your kitchen appliances the right way.

Hiding small appliances

Keep small appliances out of the counter by placing them on the top shelves of your kitchen cabinets. You can also hide them high in the pantry and over the refrigerator. However, make sure to use a cover to protect them against dust.

When storing small appliances, place them in areas that are not easily caught by the eye yet still accessible. Most small appliances are necessary for daily use, so they must be easy to reach.

Elevating your kitchen appliances above flood zone levels is also recommended to avoid water damage due to flood. Natural disasters could surprise you at times, so protecting your appliances and home against floods is essential. Read more about flood damage repair to learn the importance of getting ahead of this disaster.

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Storing large appliances

For bigger kitchen appliances like dishwashers and ice cream makers, use lower kitchen pantry shelves. You can also use lower kitchen cabinets, particularly those seldom opened. Large appliances are heavy, so it could be difficult to take them out from top shelves.

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A rolling plant stand can also save you some counter space. You can place your air fryer or food processor on it, allowing you to wheel the appliance out whenever you need them. Say no more to lifting and awkward bending.

Reduce kitchen appliances over the counter

Most homeowners want to keep the appliances they frequently use on top of the kitchen counter. However, this could make your kitchen look messy. So, it is best to limit the appliances you place over the counter to just one or two. Your goal is to optimize the space in the counter for cooking.

Aside from maximizing your kitchen counter space, storing some of your appliances, especially those you rarely use, will prevent them from wearing out. It is also easier to prepare healthy meals in an organized room.

Storing appliances outside the kitchen

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough space for all your appliances, try storing them outside the kitchen. The best areas are those related to serving and entertaining, such as pantries, dining rooms, and overflow kitchen storage, which could be in the basement.

You can store some of the appliances and dinnerware you rarely use in a closed cabinet in the garage, a storage unit nearby, or a closet inside the house. Another way you can hide seldom-used kitchen appliances is to use vacant spaces as storage, such as underneath the staircase or in corners.

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The right way to store your kitchen appliances

Keeping your kitchen appliances in good condition is also a priority when storing them away. Check out the tips below:

  • Remove all oil, crumbs, and filth from each item. Residues of foods and oil can attract bugs and damage your kitchen appliances.
  • Be sure they’re in their original packaging if you’re keeping appliances in a storage facility, garage, or basement. Otherwise, store them in transparent plastic storage bins to keep them dust-free and bug-free.
  • It’s fine to stack the containers as long as the heavier objects are placed on the bottom. Anything that might be harmed by changes in temperature or moisture should be kept in a container off the floor.
  • Each container should be labeled. List all objects in the container, so you’ll know where they belong when you return them if you take some for usage.
  • Consider listing all your kitchen appliances and items if you keep them in different places. Write on the list where you store each one to find them easily next time. For instance, look into the list to determine where you keep the items you need for a dinner party. It will save you time for other essential things.
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These tips will allow you to keep your kitchen appliances in pristine condition until you need them again.

Maximizing the space in your kitchen, especially the kitchen counter, allows better mobility. A minimalist look is also refreshing and fits small kitchen spaces in particular. Storing your appliances doesn’t have to be difficult and hassle. You only have to find a suitable space or corner inside or outside your kitchen and create a master list of the items you are storing away.