How to Make Your Home Cozy for Your Pets

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

Your pets — or emotional support animals, if you have them — do a lot for you. They provide constant companionship, keep you calm, provide comfort, and can even aid you with mental health conditions or disabilities. As an animal owner, you feel the benefits of emotional support animals and pets daily.

Of course, for everything they do for you, they also need some TLC and looking after. If you have ever wondered how you can make your home super cozy for your furry friends, we have a couple of ideas for you.

Read on to find out more!

Photo by Jodie Louise from Pexels

1. Build Them Their Own Place to Rest

Even though they’ll likely want to spend time on your sofa and bed, making your animals a place just for them where they can catch some well-earned z’s will enable them to get some me-time.

If you have a cat or a dog, get them a really nice comfy bed and perhaps even some small toys and snuggly blankets. See if they have a favorite place in the home to hang out, and then deck it out to make it totally theirs, whether that’s on top of a wardrobe for a cat or a cubby hole for a dog. They will appreciate having a quiet, comfy place to chill more than you know. This is why so many dogs love when their owner installs a dog fence. They are then able to roam the yard freely, safely, and maintain their healthy, active life.

If you have a more unusual choice of creature, find a way to make their enclosure or cage as relaxing and cozy as possible. If you have rats or mice, get them some nice dark hiding places or hammocks. If you have a snake, provide them a nice hide that they can retreat to.

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You can get as creative as you like with the area. You could even build a house for them if you so desired as a fun project.

2. Create a Window Seat

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but animals LOVE looking out of windows. It’s pretty common to come home to your dog’s smiling face as they wait for you in the window, or watch your cat watch birds outside from the sill.

Make this place comfy for them by adding some padding and cushions. Place some of their toys there, so they know the space is designated for them. Here, they can sunbathe, hiss at birds, or wait for your return in comfort. We’re sure this will soon become their favorite spot in the house!

Photo by on Unsplash

3. Homemade and DIY Toys

We can all go to a shop and buy any mass-produced pet toy. Have you ever thought about making one instead, and integrating it into your home decor? You don’t have to be a master at sewing or create something amazing. Your critter will love whatever you create.

Here’s an example — rope.

Got a spare bit of rope in the garage? You can dye, cut, and glue this to create a couple of different things. If the rope is thick, you can create a tug of war rope for your pup and even attach it to the ceiling! If you also have a wood board lying around, you can create a fancy scratching post for your cat. Better still, if your animal happens to be a bird, you can create rope toys and perches for them to sit on anywhere in the house.

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In Conclusion

Your pet is there for you every day. Even though they seem to have a life of leisure, they still deserve a lovely, cozy home to chill out when they want to!

Our above ideas will integrate pet care into your home, and make it just as much theirs as it is yours.