How to Choose An Upholstery Fabric For Your Home

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When you choose upholstery fabric for yourself, the first thing that comes to mind is, “what color should I go for”? While fabric color matters in selecting your upholstery fabric, it shouldn’t be the sole factor.

Remember, whatever upholstery fabric you choose for your sofa or couch, even headboards are going to be stuck with you for a good while. You wouldn’t want to invest in something that withers away fast. So to avoid second-guessing before your furniture arrives at your doorstep, it is essential to know few key things to follow. Here are some steps to help you zero down on your fabric choice that you can happily live with for years to come.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Durability Comes First

The biggest mistake people make when choosing upholstery fabric is not considering the people who will use it. Think about it! You may love the piece of silk velvet fabric, but is it going to last long in a place where kids and pets are involved?

You also need to consider the piece of furniture and the footfall it gets. For example, your sofa and living area have far more footfall than other rooms. Choose a durable fabric that can last you long. Your bedroom settee or the headboard, on the other hand, will suffice with any material of choice. You can go wild with the choice of fabrics there.

If you have difficulty figuring it out, ask the salesperson if the fabric is for light use or heavy use. It is better to stick to microfiber fabric, viscose, leather, and chenille if you have furry friends. If your living room is always full of the hustle and bustle, choose woven patterns which will last you longer in place of patterns and textured textiles. These fabrics show wear and tear, and nobody wants that!

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Don’t Forget The Style

Imagine the horror of walking to a home with floral furniture in a classic setting!

While durability and fabric to stand the test of time are important, it is equally important to keep your design and aesthetics in mind. The fabric you choose should match your furniture as well as the overall aesthetics of your interiors.

There should be some harmony in the designs. You cant expect a traditional home to jell well with non-traditional style furniture! The goal is to make the elements talk among themselves and create a beautiful atmosphere. However, if you are the adventurous type and know certain things can be mixed and match, then go for it…

Note that some fabrics have a more relaxed appearance, while others have a more formal appearance. Choose a fabric that reflects your style and the atmosphere of the room’s décor. Also, be wary of the pattern type you choose for your furniture in a bigger area, a huge strong design could work well, but in a smaller space, a more subdued or smaller pattern might be a better choice.

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Don’t Forget To Consider The Color

Here, ask yourself a simple question. What is the mood that I want to create? Is it edgy? Is it a classic? Whether you prefer bold or subdued colors? As a result, complement or contrast the furniture with cushions, throws, carpets, and other accessories in opposing or complementary colors and patterns.

Also, consider that if you have pets and kids, steer way clear of delicately colored fabric. You cannot imagine the horror of crayons on expensive upholstery! Utter Horror!

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Consider the color temperature while setting the mood. Warm and cold colors affect the spirit of the space. If you don’t like trending hues, don’t use them. Your couch and furniture can start to look worn down way before its time.

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Think Outside The Box

If you go to an upholstery shop and don’t like the swatch fabric, don’t be disheartened and limit yourself in choosing something from there.

There are many options and places where you can buy fabric like silk, velvet, or cotton fabric by the yard, and it would surprise you what a little research can do!


Next time you shop for fabrics, this list will go bonkers on your head, so gear up and be amazed at what a few pointers can do in choosing a perfect fabric upholstery for your furniture.

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