How to Beautify Your Home For Buyers

Selling your property will hopefully get you a generous profit. At the very least, you’ll hopefully sell it for more than you paid for it. After all, chances are that if you’re selling, you’re about to downsize, up-size or move somewhere else and that doesn’t come cheap. There’s the cost of stamp duty, removalists, conveyancing, building inspections, real estate commissions and all the other costs that come with buying and selling property or land.

Did you know that some people neglect the basic steps to maximize their profits when they sell up? You want to present your home in the best possible light for prospective buyers so you wind up with a generous offer or a positive result on auction day. So, let’s check out a few tips on how you can beautify your home before putting it on the market.

Engage a Property Stylist

A property stylist, or company that offers home staging in Melbourne, is a professional interior designer or stylist that specializes in getting houses inspection-ready. They have a keen eye for detail and know how to present each room to make it seem both livable and achievable. This is a fine balance to strike because you want your place to seem both homely and also a blank slate, a canvas that the buyer can picture their new life on. So it’s worth getting a professional in to get you the best result. That being said, there are a few things you can do as well, so read on to discover them.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Photo by Daniel Chekalov on Unsplash

A fresh lick of paint can do wonders to your place. If you have a weatherboard home then you’ll need to paint the outside of your place. You can do this yourself if you’re on a budget, or get in a professional painter if you can afford it. The inside will need a coat or two as well, especially if you’ve raised young kids or you’ve been in the place for more than a few years. Wear and tear and living in a place will mean there will be a few scuffs and scratches on your walls which a fresh coat of paint will take care of. It will also make your property nice and bright when it comes time to hold your open homes.

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Take Down the Family Photos and Trophies

While these may be your pride and joy, they will turn a buyer off. Buyers want to picture themselves living in each home they inspect, imagining what it would be like to relax, sleep, cook, clean and exist in the place. Seeing a wall full of family portraits or a trophy cabinet in the spare room is a quick way to shatter this illusion. You’re likely packing for a move anyway, so pack away all the sentimental touches and instead replace them with a few choice prints or pieces of art that highlight the space without crowding it.

Don’t Neglect the Garden

You can get so caught up in the inside of your place that you forget the first thing that people see and walk through – the garden. So get out the tools and do some pruning, weeding and trimming and get your front and back yards looking immaculate.

A Cozy Conclusion

It’s worth hiring a home stager to give your place a professional styling session for your open house. Get down to the hardware shop and buy some paint and brushes because you’ll need a few coats before selling. Make sure to take down family photos and other sentimental items, and don’t forget to beautify your garden as well. Good luck on auction day!