Getting A Murphy Bed

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Do you like books and want to save some space? Get a Murphy bed that doubles as a !


There is no question about the benefit of using a Murphy bed over a regular bed. What you should really answer however is how you are going to proceed. There are quite a lot of different ways that you can decide about which Murphy bed fits you best. You should think about this the same way that you consider any lasting furniture that you introduce into your home. You would not want to have something big and clunky soaking up the space in your room if you do not like it at all. And sleep is a precious thing. You want to be as comfortable as possible while getting those zs. So why settle for any less? Get your meticulous hat on and pick the one that screams at you with excitement like your long lost child.

In this article we are going to help you decide which Murphy bed is right for you. It is not as simple as you might expect but it will indeed be as satisfying and you will say that the effort is well worth it.

Murphy Bed That Fits Your Room

When I say fit, I do not mean just in the sense of physicality. I mean that it should fit with your tastes, your purpose, and of course, your comfort. The first is probably the least important of the three but is perhaps going to be the deciding factor. If something looks off inside your bedroom, you do not want that something to be your bed. There are a few things that you want to consider when looking at a Murphy bed for style. First, the Murphy bed has at least two modes, one being tucked behind the wall, and two, flat on the floor as a bed. In both cases, you do not want it to look terrible. But if you were to choose one to give up, then you would be better off with having a better looking wall than a better looking bed. After all, you would not be awake to see the bed. The craftsmanship is the main factor that is at play here. The transition from the actual wall to the wall that your Murphy bed has transformed to has to be seamless. You would not want to have your wall look like it is a secret passage to somewhere. It should also be noted that the bed has to go all the way back into the wall. With shoddy carpentry, it may hang a bit after you close it. The latter is an extreme case which might pose a greater challenge to fix. While the other should be fixable by simply repainting the wall and the Murphy bed along with it. This gives you an option to either stay with a design that might not exactly suit your taste as long as it is superbly done.

Murphy Bed That Fits Your Taste

The next factor that you want to consider is the Murphy bed’s purpose. Now, we already know that a Murphy bed serves at least one purpose and that is to, of course, to be a bed. But, people often forget that it becomes a wall that has all the potential of any furniture similar to it. Like for example, a Murphy bed, when reclined, can double as a pretty bookshelf. Or in the same sense, an ornament display or even a gallery. There are literally a hundreds of ways that you can come up with when thinking about other purposes that you can make of your Murphy bed. Like I said, a Murphy bed is also a wall, and with that wall are infinite possibilities. Try not to go too crazy however. Do not try to fit an aquarium in there if you do not know what you are doing. And think of the poor fishes that would probably be dizzied up by going up and down on a downturn. Of course, if you are determined enough, there is really no reason why you should not try to shoot for the moon. That Murphy bed wall is your canvass and use your imagination as the brush.

Murphy Bed That Fits Your Comfort

And finally find a Murphy bed that fits your comfort. We all have our different preferences as we all do and that does not exclude our sleeping habits. Some want to sleep on mattresses as soft as clouds while others just want to sink into something that fights with them a bit. It all really depends and for whatever you want your bed to be, there is no reason for you not to demand the same from your Murphy bed. It is true that being something of a working man’s possession, the Murphy bed is rarely associated with comfort. In fact, the first few Murphy beds designed had no mattresses at all. You either had to place one yourself, or as most of the workers then, sleep on the cold hard wood.

Getting Excited With A Murphy Bed

It might be hard to get excited with a Murphy bed knowing that you end up having to use it mainly not by choice. If you had extra room for an actual queen sized bed that needs no daily show of force to pull up and down, then you would not have thought of a Murphy bed at all. But to get you excited, think about the flexibility that it delivers.


A Murphy bed can house all the things that your regular shelf can. And it has the added bonus of being cleanly tucked away at your leisure. Other Murphy bed designs need not have to look so utilitarian. In fact,some of them are made by the class A designers that cater to the young working class that fuels the country.


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