Backyard Tech — A Guide To Garden Technology

Bring Your Garden Into The Modern Age

Technology has changed so many different facets of life for all of us at work, at home and even in our gardens. It can be difficult to move away from tried and tested ways of doing things but using some of this tech to modernize and evolve can, in fact, make our lives easier. Simple tasks can be completed easier, results can be improved and you with technology at your side, you can reach your goals quicker than ever.

Advancements in garden technology are not anything new. Take a simple task such as mowing the lawn and how much it has evolved from a simple rolling blade to cordless models, automatic mowers and even Honda ride-on mowers that are faster than a Porsche 911! However, nowadays almost everything in your garden has more tech in it than before, with the exception of your plants, trees and grass but that just might be a matter of time.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most useful advancements in garden technology that you can utilise in your garden.

Garden Lighting

Keeping your garden illuminated has never been so easy with a range of garden lights from SunshowerOnline and other providers to choose from. Garden lights come with a huge range of features with something for every style and budget. Energy efficient LED lighting can be installed and can be controlled with a remote control to adjust the brightness and the colour of your lights. Timers can be used to ensure that your lights always come on at the right time of day or alternatively, you can set them up to be remotely turned on or off from an app on your device. Smart lights are becoming quickly becoming a regular feature in gardens across the country due to the many benefits they can provide homeowners in terms of security and energy efficiency.

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Water Management

The modern-day gardener doesn’t even need to turn on a tap to keep their lawn hydrated and healthy. Instead, a Wi-Fi water management system can be installed so that you stay on top of your watering duties. These complex systems come complete with a three-in-one sensor that measures soil moisture, air temperature, and the intensity of the sunlight in your garden. You can set the system to water at regular intervals, or alternatively, you can set the system to begin watering your lawn when the soil moisture level reaches a low enough level, which you will have predetermined.

Plant Monitors

Have you had problems with keeping your favorite plants and flowers healthy? Have you spent hours researching online what the right conditions and nutrition are for them to grow properly but still have not seen results? Plant monitors are a useful piece of tech that allow you to keep a very close eye on your plants to ensure they are getting the right amount of sunlight, moisture, food and are kept at the right temperature. Controlled from an app on your phone, you simply need to insert the device into your plant pot and it will tell you the dietary requirements of your plant and what you need to do to keep them looking their best.

Robot Mowers

In recent years, robot vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular with homeowners in Australia. Now, that technology has been taken one step further to mow your garden when required without you needing to lift a finger. Robot lawn mowers feature onboard GPS and sensors help the device to navigate your lawn effectively and some models even come with a
built-in anti-theft system so you know it will be safe for it to carry on working while you’re out of the house.

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