8 Things You Can Do While You Wait for An Emergency Plumber

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

Plumbing emergencies can show up on the worst of the days and make everyone in the house freak out. But instead of standing rooted to the spot, you’ll have to act quickly.

After all, the word ’emergency’ refers to an unexpected situation that requires immediate action.

Thanks to the internet, contacting an emergency plumber is just a call away. But while you wait for him, you can try doing any of these 8 things to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Photo by Marian Florinel Condruz on Unsplash

1. Turn Off The Water Main Supply

Ideally, every adult in the house should know where the water’s main valve is. Shut it down to prevent any further leakage.

You don’t need to adjust the pressure regulator valve. Though it is located near the main valve, it has nothing to do with the emergency.

If your water main supply is in the meter box and you have no idea which one has to be turned off, give a call to the plumber and ask for directions.

2. The Electric Supply

Your next focus should be on electrical appliances. If your house has a hot water system, turn off the heater. Running a water heater without a water supply is dangerous.

If you think water has crept into every nook and corner, it’s time to shut down the electric supply to your house. Careful, because things could be heated up.

3. Take Pictures

Now that you’re relatively out of risk, take as many pictures as you can, covering all the damaged area. This step is extremely useful when you have to talk to your insurance (we really hope your home has a flood insurance) agent later.

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If you have ignored any plumbing issues in the past (whether you think they’re related to the current situation or not), you may pen down the details of the emergency along with that history.

The pictures and the details give a better understanding to the plumber.

4. Drain It Out

That pool of water in your home is neither comfortable nor healthy. Metals will develop rust, and fungi will find their breeding ground on the wood.

Open all the doors and allow air into the house. Mop all the standing water and try to make the place as dry as possible.

Photo by Serenity Mitchell on Unsplash

5. Relocate The Furniture And Appliances

Moist premises are not a nice place to keep your furniture. Move the sofas, tables, computers, and any other valuables to a drier area.

If any furniture is soaked in the water, let it get some sunshine sitting in your backyard. By the way, don’t ignore those soft toys of the kids, if you have time.

6. Don’t Do It Yourself

Don’t try to cut costs by experimenting at times like this. In some cases, homeowners had to end up paying way too much for the damage they’ve unknowingly caused while ‘repairing‘ it themselves.

It can be tempting considering you have a great tool kit and some experience, but this isn’t the time to take a leap of faith.

You can put your amateur skills to use if the plumber asks for assistance.

7. Stop The Leak

In situations involving a leaky pipe, duct tape can be your best friend in temporarily halting it. If there’s a wet crack, wrap some thick layers of duct tape around it.

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A better alternative to duct tape is pipe wrap. Since it’s made of fiberglass, it can stop the leak for a longer time. The next time you go to the store don’t forget to bring home a tube of pipe wrap for emergencies.

8. Ask For Help

It is tough to attend to the kids in the house when everything seems to be drowning or stinking. Running errands would be the last thing on your mind.

Do not hesitate to call friends and ask for help. It may take a while for the emergency to be fixed. So, sending kids to someone’s place is a great idea too.Most importantly, remember to stay calm. Your home will be restored to normal soon.


We hope this post crosses your mind during the plumbing crisis and saves your day. Remember to be patient and hold tight. Your home will be restored to normal soon.