7 Must-Try Decor Swaps For Your Bedroom This Summer

Photo by Nathan Oakley on Unsplash

Summers are here, and it is time to give your bedrooms a quick makeover. The changes do not need to be drastic, as only a few transformations can truly make a difference. Nobody wants a dark and stuffy bedroom when the weather is hot and the days are long. The season is for trying out cooler tones and patterns for an airy and soothing feel. Decorating your most favorite room will now be fun as we are here with the seven most interesting decor swaps for you to try. Let us begin with some great tips that are stylish, simple, and practical:

Opt for lighter textures

Keep it light with white! Yes, choose a touch of white for textures to make your room look breezy and cool. You can use beige or browns for the textures as well. Basically, the area looks bigger and airy with lighter shades. The idea is also to invite natural light as much as possible. Natural textiles such as linen and cotton infuse life into your space and make it breathable. Always choose plain bedding for a cooler and pleasant feel. Besides it, colors such as sky blue, gray, and a dash of golden help make your room look spacious as well.

There are plenty of ways with which you can play with lighter textures. A proper balance between natural wall hues and furniture makes it easier for you to pick the decor items easily. All in all, trying out this idea will not let you down.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Make your bed summer ready

Perfect summery bedding is lighter in color. Ensure to add lightweight bed sheets and covers as they are airy and soothing to the eyes. On the other hand, these bedsheets look clean and inviting. Who does not like to sleep over clean and fresh linens? So change them often so that they do not lose their natural charm.

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Lighter cushions and throws also help in elevating the whole view of the space. Besides it, you can try out patterns and boho-inspired pillows as they appear stylish yet comfy too. A little experimentation with the prints and patterns can be a game-changer.

Prioritize natural light

Heavy drapes and curtains are a big no-no this summer. Ensure to choose semi-sheer and lighter-toned drapes for a cooler setting. Letting the sunlight in can be quite rejuvenating and relaxing. A breezy room with natural light is full of positivity. Soothing browns, gray, and beige are also some picks to let in light naturally.

Along with it, choosing similar furniture will also do the trick. The right pieces can create the illusion of brightness and liveliness. Ensure to balance out the elements correctly before trying this idea out.

Refresh the walls with summery hues

Summery hues are the best to infuse coolness in the bedroom. The scorching heat outside makes it necessary to go for summery shades. Sky blues, sea greens, beige, and grays are the most preferred colors to try out. These colors mimic nature and are quite calming as well. While deciding over the whole look for your space, ensure to pick these impressive shades to give a cool makeover to the walls.

You can also add elements to your bedroom that are close to your heart. You can create a wall that depicts your personality. Dress it up with giclee prints to make an impact. These discerning pieces can bring a luxurious feel to the minimalistic decor.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Add some color with accessories

Lighter shades are a must-try this season, but a little experimentation will not hurt much. You can use hot pinks, reds, and oranges in accessories. These shades cheer up your mood and add freshness to your bedroom instantly. But, perfect balance is the key to achieve the look. Mix neutral colors and bright shades, but keep the latter to a minimum.

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In a nutshell, a lot of bright shades can be overwhelming. Using accessories with a pop of colors such as trays, racks, and books can be an instant mood lifter. Other than this, choosing your favorite props can be a great summer decor idea. Also, a printed bedsheet can be a good tip to try as well!

Invest in a fan that enhances the decor

When it comes to summer decor, the air should flow smoothly to give you instant freshness. For a fresh new look, buy a small fan that matches the styling of the room. Vintage fans look great and can add a perky touch. There are several variants of fans you can try out. You only need to figure out the color scheme and layout of your personal space.

You can use the fan as a decor element by placing it on the bedside table or on the rack. They make the best accessory item to elevate the entire view of your space. Investing in a chic yet classy fan will not be a bad idea.

Bring the outdoors in

Do you know that plants and other natural elements make your bedroom appear summer-ready effortlessly? Fresh potted ones can add good vibes to your space. Greens and flowers not only look pretty but are potential air purifiers as well. You will have a happier and healthier sleep space without spending a fortune.

There are times when you need a mood lift, and these little green guests can simply do the trick. Plants are excellent decor elements. So if you have still not added them to your list, you are missing out on a great idea. Wait not, begin adding them to your summer bedroom today!

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Summers are cool, lively, and fun. Try using the elements in your bedroom that can perfectly set up the mood and make you summer-ready. It is all about creating a perfect balance between colors, layouts, and furniture. Swapping up the winter elements is not an easy job, but picking up these ideas will definitely be a relief. A little research and planning can go a long way. So, make sure to use these decor swaps to flaunt your cool and classy bedroom today!