7 Design Ideas When Building a New Home

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One of the greatest accomplishments one can have in their life comes via owning a home. Having a place to call home is beneficial for several obvious reasons. It represents your hard work and determination to get yourself a property reflective of one’s interests. As such, many people invest significantly in their homes.

This investment can come in a few minor renovations here or there. Others prefer to build themselves a brand new home. These homes don’t have to be your standard type of property either. You can work with custom home builders to create a unique design as your imagination allows.

Here are seven design ideas to make your new home design stand out amongst the neighbours:

1. Hidden Room

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The standard property will have an interior that has a lot in common with most homes of similar size. There will be your typical spaces, such as the living room or the kitchen. Then, the bedrooms and bathrooms will comprise the rest of the home’s network. If you have real estate, why not use this as a chance to create something more subtle?

Hidden rooms could be the direction to head in if you are interested in this idea. Since they could be used for various purposes, you are encouraged to make good use of their space. Whether used as a guest room or to house other miscellaneous items, it can truly make your home stand out!

2. Mudrooms

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As soon as you enter the home through the front door, you will encounter a few things. Generally speaking, the closet and other cabinets could house key items. Designing a new home means that you will have to consider this so that clutter doesn’t occur.

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A great way to go about this process is to incorporate an expansive mudroom near the entryway. Mudrooms provide ample opportunity to keep things immediately organized and free of clutter. Moreover, the winter season could make things somewhat messy. A mudroom allows everyone to stay clean before heading further inside.

3. Laundry Rooms

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Typically, many homeowners will place their laundry machines in the basement. This allows one to get their laundry done without much distraction or hassle. However, your basement may be already housing other important things, such as an entertainment centre. To take things to the next level, place the laundry items elsewhere.

Take a look at the second floor of the home you are designing. Modern interior design showcases laundry rooms that are positioned upstairs. Not only does this provide you with ample space, but it can be relatively quiet up here too. Plus, it can be placed near the bathroom, allowing you easy access to get your cleaning items!

4. Skylights

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Many custom-built homes will make good use of artificial lighting in many ways. These can illuminate your rooms in truly groundbreaking ways to ensure each space is properly lit. When it comes to natural lighting, don’t forget how beneficial it can be for your needs. In this mould, make sure to install skylights on the ceiling.

Also known as sun tunnels, these lighting apparatuses provide a pathway for ample natural light. It adds a sense of novelty to the new home, in addition to lighting up dim areas in and around the property. You’d be surprised as to how awesome these will look, especially in the evenings.

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5. Organizing the Outlets

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Most homes will have outlets placed in and around the premises, but only in commonly-trafficked areas. This can prove to be a disservice, especially if you need to charge your devices quickly. To get around this predicament, ensure your interiors account for outlets everywhere.

If you, for instance, have a drawer nearby, you can take the time to install a charging station inside of it. These stations can be placed in a potential home office, making things much more productive. Don’t be afraid to choose unorthodox spots, even if they don’t make sense at the moment.

6. Smart Technology

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Alongside the placement of outlets in your new home, you may also want to incorporate smart technology. These types of technology can make your home come alive, especially when making things convenient. From Wi-Fi-controlled lights to locking your doors quickly, it makes life a whole lot easier!

7. Green Energy

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Modern-day home design accounts for making things much more friendly to the environment. In this light, consider using green energy technology in particular areas within the home. For example, the roof can be retrofitted with solar panels for cleaner lighting sources. By doing this, you ensure that the design of your home is truly reflective of the times you are in!