6 Warning Signs To Look For in Your Water Heater

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With temperatures running pretty low in the winters, a hot shower is necessary. Americans have about 103 million residential water heating units, out of which about 27 million are over ten years old. With so many of them close to the end of their functionality aspect, only 7-7.8 million are being replaced each year. The rest of them require frequent repairs.

If you do not want to run out of hot water, here are the top six signs that indicate that a water heater repair is imminent.

1. Age Of The Appliance

Water heaters do not last a lifetime. If a water heater has lasted for ten years, you need to consider checking it by a plumbing professional. If the plumber indicates that the issue will persist after repair, purchasing a new water heater will be better.

There are many advantages of purchasing a new system. For instance, the latest water heaters are more energy-efficient and can help you save money on utility bills.

2. Water Around the Heater

The water heater should contain the water within and only let it out from a tap or faucet. If you notice water around the heater, it is probably a leak. A minor leak may not seem important, but it can lead to more significant problems if ignored.

The tank, if not maintained, can cause sedimentation and rust. This could result in leakage, requiring immediate relief. Even if one valve is damaged, causing the leak, it needs a replacement.

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3. Colored Water

Water out of your heater should be colorless. If you notice a brown or rusty tinge, you need to get your appliance checked. It could be that the tank has started to rust or form sedimentation.

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Over time, this rust or sediment can begin seeping into your pipes and start damaging them too. Also, the rust can have mineral deposits that can be harmful to skin, clothes, and dishes. Therefore, you should consider a repair immediately.

4. Water Heater Is Making Strange Noises

If you hear a rumbling sound or any other noise that was not there earlier, it is a sign that your heater needs a repair. You can listen to sounds when enough sediment is built to trap water and boil it. It can prevent the transfer of heat to the water. It can also result in the heater running on overdrive, causing your utility bills to rise. Thus, you should not ignore any sounds from the heater.

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5. Inconsistent Water Temperature

When your hot water temperature is inconsistent, it is a warning that the thermostat may need repair. It could also mean that the heating elements are damaged, causing a bigger problem. While the former can be fixed quickly, it is better to consider replacing the unit entirely in the latter case.

6. Low Water Pressure

Hard water and soft water play a significant role because hard water tends to scale the equipment faster than soft water. When the water flow is more like a trickle than a full-fledged flow, it can mean sediment buildup.

It would be good to get a professional to inspect the tank to ensure no leaks or drips. Since it may be challenging to do it independently, hiring experts to look at the issue is best. They will provide the best advice when it comes to repairing.

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It is difficult to imagine life without hot water. You can take your water heater for granted until the heating system gives out. Then you scramble for water heater repair and may have to go without hot water for a few days. Fortunately, there are professionals to help you repair it quickly and efficiently.