6 Reasons to Choose Grey Color for Your Interiors

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In the last five years or so, neutral colors have become the go-to design for decorating interior spaces such as homes, offices, and more. This has been largely in part to the huge minimalist movement, a movement to help people learn to live simpler with less in their materialistic items.

Neutral colors are anything from beige, to blush pink, to grey. But what makes grey the best choice? There are several fantastic reasons why people choose grey color, it is simply the best color to redesign your home.

How to Choose Grey Color for Interior

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There can never be too much grey

Other neutral colors take endless time trying to match all furniture and decorations. When decorating with beige or ivory, the room can often become overwhelming brown or white. However, there can never be too much grey in one room. This is because the grey color ranges include a wide variety of shades. Light grey walls can be paired with dark grey couches. Or you can use lighter grey couches with darker grey pillows.

Grey is the easiest color to light

Picking light choices for your remodeled space will be easy if your background colors are grey tones. Warm lights and cool lights both enhance the natural hues in the color grey. Natural light from windows and open panels can bounce off the color grey to make all your spaces seem warmer and cozier.

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Grey is the best background-color

If you are looking to decorate your home with pops of bright colors or to have a more eccentric and unique decorating style, grey is the best choice for your walls. Your bright furniture, curtains, and wall hangings will stand out against a grey background. The bright colors and the neutral grey will automatically match and you won’t have to give any of your choices a second thought.

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Each shade of grey is also highly unique, some can be so light that they appear white in certain lights. If you opt for a darker shade, it can almost be black when you have dark curtains and pair it with warm lighting. Grey as the background color is much more versatile than white and tan tones.

Make your kitchen look new

A solid kitchen remodel can be an expensive undertaking, but simply installing a grey quartz countertop can change the whole vibe of your home. The kitchen will go from outdated, to minimalistic and chic with just one change. Check out this page for some fantastic ways to completely revamp your kitchen by changing the counters to the color grey.

Kitchen appliances are also often made in dark grey or stainless-steel models which look more modern and chic on grey countertops.

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A wide selection of undertones

Grey has the largest selection of undertones compared to every other neutral color palette. Grey undertones can be green, brown, or another shade of grey. This makes it easy to match all your new decorations to the grey walls. For example, if you have a navy-blue couch, you can choose an amazing grey paint with dark blue undertones.

Easily change your home’s themes over the year

As life, job, and family changes happen over the years, so do homes. People often find themselves completely changing their decorations, paint, and even structures of their homes as their family grows. However, choosing grey as a color palette means less work in the future.

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With the right tones and lighting, grey can stay on your walls even as the purpose of your rooms change. Add some light pink or blue to the walls and make it a baby’s room. Wooden décor could even make it look like a great home office set up.

Never leave a project unfinished

Everyone has been to a home one time or another where a home project has been started and left unfinished. Oftentimes, people get in over their heads and run out of money, time, or simply just get bored with the remodel. It can be embarrassing and discouraging when a change is started but never able to be completed.

With the color grey, however, this would never be a problem. Having a grey interior allows for a constant and easy way to keep changing your home’s décor and themes all the way to the finished product. This is simply because no matter what new color palette or furniture you choose, the grey walls will always match and look amazing.

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The world isn’t black and white, all the magic is in the grey

Grey can give your home a magical interior. Grey will invoke a sense of calm on hectic days and a soothing environment to relax in after a hard day of work or play. Your home will be the perfect backdrop for the next party, the next rainy movie day, or the next workspace for a new job. The possibilities are endless and magical.

Some Don’ts when Decorating

Even though it is virtually impossible to go wrong when having a grey interior, there are some minimal rules to follow to make the best out of the grey color scheme.

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Don’t be afraid to mix in other colors

Adding in a few items with other colors will make your space more inviting and habitable. Even in keeping with the all-grey theme, some lighter colors will make the room look larger and bright. Adding in some darker colors will make an already large room seem smaller and cozier.

Don’t be afraid to change things already in the house

When thinking of a grey interior, you might just think about the color of the walls or the furniture. However, grey interiors can also include fireplaces, cabinets, light fixtures, and countertops. Changing a few permanent fixtures in your home could really go a long way when incorporating in the new grey walls in your kitchen or that new grey sofa you bought for the living room.