5 Unique Concrete Floor Treatment That Will Make Your House Appealing

Image from The Spruce

Concrete is a powerful part of the foundation of many structures. The skyscrapers and tall building you see have concrete foundations. The strength, durability, and low maintenance aspects are some of the reasons why builders always choice concrete. But concrete is not only good for foundations, floors, and outdoor structures.

You work around it using various treatments and give your concrete floors a new look. It is possible to have colorful and admirable concrete floors. You do not need to have the ugly greyish concrete structure. But how do you achieve this? Here are some unique concrete floor treatments to consider:

Acid staining

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Acid staining is one of the popular concrete finish treatments. The approach entails use of formulated chemicals on the surface. These chemicals react with the lime content in your concrete structures to bring out an amazing and unique color.

However, you will get the best results if you understand the right composition of your concrete structures. If you are planning to use this approach, you should plan it during the installation stage. This way, you will ensure that your concrete has the right lime stone content to give you amazing results.

Polishing treatment

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Polishing is another approach for transforming the look of your concrete floors. This aspect involves application on polished concrete that enhance the state of the slab. Before applying it, you need to ensure that the concrete has zero dents.

You can apply a filler to seal any present dents. Also, you concrete slabs should be even to offer the desires shape and design. If it has some issues, you van consider using a grinder to iron it out. You can now polish your floor to give it a glossier and flatter look using a polishing pad.

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Applying the polished concrete finishes effectively will always offer smooth and admirable result. So, if you choose this treatment option, ensure you do it diligently and effectively.

Color mix treatment

Image from AIS

Do you want to create some rainbow colors on your concrete floors? Having a colorful floor always makes a structure attractive. However, people are unable to do it perfectly. Many builders place concrete floors and try to apply some paint over it. But the results are disappointing and fade after a short period.

You do not need to follow the path. The way out is opting for color mix treatment. This treatment involves mixing the desired color pigment with your concrete before pouring it. You can pour the color on the surface then install the concrete on them. Alternatively, you can make the pigments part of your concrete mixture.

Regardless of your treatment approach, you will have colorful concrete floors. You can consider adding some additives if you want to enhance the density and plasticity of the color on your floor.

Scoring treatment

Image from GWC

Sometimes, color is not the only way to make your concrete surfaces attractive. Patterns and focal markings can do a better job. This is what scoring treatment involves. The option incorporates creation of fine cuts on the concrete surface to develop a certain pattern or focal markings. For instance, you can design a flower or animal images on the floor to make it unique.

You need to use specific tools such as circular saw blades. The blades should have varying thicknesses to make the final designs amazing. You can then apply the additional treatment like staining if you want a colorful design.

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Stamp treatment

Image from Stone Edge

Stamping is another easy treatment that can make your concrete floors attractive. As the term suggests, you stamp on the floor to create the desired text, shapes, and drawings. You need to perform this treatment when your concrete is wet. This approach is a good idea when you want to give your floor a natural stone appearance.

As you can see, you do not need to have an ugly concrete floor. Treating it will change its color, texture, and appearance.