4 Key Landscaping Trends for 2019

Photo by Eco Warrior Princess on Unsplash

Now that the weather is warming up, you’re probably starting to think about using your outdoor areas more, particularly for entertaining. Alternatively, since many homes sell in spring and summer, you may also be considering getting your property ready for a sale, to take advantage of the time of year when buyers are more often out and about.

No matter what your situation is, now is the perfect time to start looking at ways to spruce up your home’s outdoor areas. For some inspiration, read on for four key landscaping trends of 2019.

Consideration of the Environment

These days, more and more people are aware of issues such as climate change and are thinking about ways to have less of an impact on the environment. This concern is seen in the area of landscaping, too.

There has been a real uptake in recent years in native plants in landscaping. Plus, people are also leaning towards using sustainable gardening products, such as those made from recycled materials. There is a real interest in gardening without the use of chemicals, particularly when it comes to fertilizers and pesticides. In addition lots of people are now choosing to grow their own produce and herbs at home, so they know what they’re eating hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals or transported for thousands of miles.

Homeowners are focusing on ways in which they can take care of the natural environmental around them and the animals that live in it. People are increasingly planting trees, shrubs and flowers to help attract wildlife into their gardens. The aim is to try to make more homes available for the many creatures struggling due to habitat loss. This includes bees, birds, turtles, butterflies, frogs and more.

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Yards for Busy People

Another trend seen is that of yards designed to help out busy people. With so many people working long hours and having lots of other responsibilities to look after, it’s no wonder we’re seeing the creation of more yards that don’t need to have so much time spent working in them.

No-fuss yards are those that get rid of a lot of lawn area and beds and instead fill in areas with concrete, paving, tiles and the like. Homeowners can still enjoy outdoor entertaining and set up their favorite barbecues and grill accessories on patios, decking, terraces and the like, but they don’t have to find time to do so much weeding, watering, fertilizing or mowing.

In addition, many purchasers are opting to buy into newer developments where they have a smaller block and therefore less maintenance to worry about. Often yards in these subdivisions have little to no lawn or garden at all and instead focus on paved or decked areas and the use of a few potted plants.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas Away From the Main House

On the other hand, people who live on very large properties are setting up separate outdoor areas for their entertaining and relaxing. These are situated well away from the main house. While for many years things were all about moving directly from internal living or dining areas to nearby outdoor spaces, it seems separation is a new trend as residents choose to enjoy alfresco dining in more remote, quieter positions in their yard.

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A benefit of this type of setup is that by creating an entertaining zone “in the bush,” you can immerse the space within the surrounding landscape. This is not only more peaceful but also allows you to have more chance encounters with animals in the area. It can make you feel like you’re much more amongst nature and away from the rest of the world.

A lot of separate spaces are designed around open-air, pavilion-style structures — perfect for star and moon gazing at night. If you’d prefer something a bit more permanent and protected, you can add in a roof, outdoor flooring, lighting and special outdoor furniture to handle the elements.

Private, Soul-searching Areas

Another example of people’s desire to disconnect, de-stress and unwind is in the trend for more purpose-built, secluded areas in yards. People are creating special private spaces in the where they can get away from it all and practice meditation, deep breathing, yoga, stretching and other types of mindset-feeding and soul-searching activities.

Set up this kind of area for yourself, and you’ll be able to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on your face as you look inwards. You’re sure to feel more grounded. If you like the concept of Zen, you could join the long list of people who have created Zen gardens for themselves, too. These relaxing spots often include water features, bonsai trees, sculptures and fire pits.