3 Ways to Feel Safer at Home

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The majority of our time is spent right at our homes. However, thousands of people don’t feel their safest at home which causes anxiety and other problems. A house should be a safe haven from the world. Some communities may have more crime rate then others but no one is exempt from a home burglary, invasion or theft on property.

Like insurance, home security is best achieved when taking action before a bad incident happens. Wishing one would have done something sooner is the ultimate regret and with our 3 tips to help you feel safer at home, we hope that you won’t have to fall into that situation.

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1. Know Your community and where you live statistics

Don’t be naïve enough to think that you live in a perfect world or neighborhood. Every city has crime. There are different ways to see what is going on in your neighborhood. You can locate online police directories which show the most recent call-ins and happenings for each city. The FBI also publishes crime statistics for each city. You can research and locate local sex offenders with Family Watchdog so you know beforehand (if moving to) about the area you are in.

While these are not fun things to do, or find out, it is necessary to give yourself the right information. Playing ignorant of ones surroundings may lead to a dramatic event that could have been stopped by knowing what is happening locally. Watching the news is not enough, do the research.

2. Research and buy a Home Security System

home security touchpad

There are several affordable security system companies out there competing for your service. Take some time to look over the ratings, reviews at Alarm-Reviews.net, which compares the companies and prices. Once you have found one that looks like a good fit for you, get it installed before a home invasion happens! Having a security system in place greatly diminishes the probability of a burglar getting into the home. This and guard dogs are the top two proven methods to ‘keeping the bad guys out’. Some home security systems even have live monitoring security guards that will talk to and warn perpetrators before calling the law enforcement.

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Cost wise you are looking at around $200 to get things up and going and then a monthly rate of $30-60 based on the equipment you choose. It is wise to do this and pinch pennies elsewhere so you can afford to protect the home and family.

3. Get Security Cameras in place

Seeing what is going on in or outside the home is also another affordable option. For users with smartphones / smart devices, they can get security cameras that stream live feed of what is happening. Imagine being on a date or at work and quickly checking what is going on. Years ago only the wealthy individuals and prosperous businesses could afford surveillance cameras. Now there are guides that help you identify the right one at a low cost. Better safe than sorry in this field. Also, if anything does happen on the property, users can use the footage caught on camera to prosecute the criminal. Security cameras are also a great deterrent when easily seen outside the home.


In concluding, we would just like to say that it is always better to be safe than sorry. For free, you can research where you live to know what crimes are happening. Then based on what you find, take actions by getting a security system or camera in place so the incident doesn’t happen. We hope this guide helped and thanks for being an avid reader of Ultimate Home Ideas.