10 Popular Home Decor Themes Will Continue Be Trending This Year

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Trends in decorating one’s living space are constantly changing. Each year there is something new that takes the world by storm, but what about all of the trends that have already made their mark? There are many home decor themes that not only continue to be popular but also can be seen trending this year.

1. Coastal Living

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The beach is a popular spot for vacations, but it is also the focus of many people’s home decorating. Beach-themed living rooms are very relaxing and simple to set up. All that one needs are some well-placed ocean watercolors around the room in order to give the beach a feel without being overbearing about it.

There are plenty of simple ways to incorporate a beach theme into your living space. A few examples can involve a sectional sofa with palm tree print or using shells and driftwood as decoration.

2. Industrial Style

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Minimalist industrial style is becoming increasingly popular in living rooms this year. It involves creating a space that looks like it was once an old factory but has been given new life by turning it into a living space. This trend can be easily brought into home decor by adding industrial-style pieces. From wrought-iron light fixtures to unfinished wood furniture, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this on-trend style.

3. Eclectic Style

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Eclectic styles incorporate many different home decor themes and ideas into one space. There is no specific theme or color scheme that must be followed in order for a room to fit into this category. Rather, the only requirement is that there is a little bit of everything in the room. Many people choose to combine industrial pieces with more modern decor to create an eclectic space.

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The great thing about this style is that it allows for customizing the look and feel of your home however you want, be it whimsical or minimalist. For those who love decorating but don’t want to commit to just one style or color scheme, this is the perfect decorating choice.

4. Shades of Gray

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Gray decor has been seen everywhere over the past few years and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Many people choose gray as an accent color but others take it a step further and transform their entire home into a gray wonderland.

There are many ways to experiment with decorating in gray. From accent walls to furniture, this neutral color can be used in its true form or it can be mixed with other colors or patterns for a more unique look. This year’s most popular home decor themes will include bringing the beach inside, creating an industrial atmosphere.

5. Interior Plants

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Whether real or fake, decorating with plants is on-trend this year. Many people are bringing live green indoors in order to create a more relaxing atmosphere while some are using faux plants in place of the real thing in hopes of saving some money and time watering them.

Plants have a great calming effect in any room and can be used to spruce up any space, from living rooms to bathrooms. There are many different styles of faux plants available for purchase and many people choose to line their window sills with live plants in order to bring nature indoors without having a large garden or yard.

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6. White Accents

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White is a neutral color that can work with many different styles. From beachy to industrial, white accents have been seen in many home decor magazines and websites over the past few months and it shows no sign of slowing down.

White doesn’t need to be used as an accent color and can serve as a large focal point within a space while still allowing other colors, patterns and textures to shine. It is a versatile color that can be used to create a minimalistic look or it can be used in a more bold and daring way to create a statement within the space.

7. Metallic Accents

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Another popular theme this year will involve metallic accents. Whether silver, gold or bronze, gray isn’t the only shade of metal being used in home decor.

From picture frames to wall art, people are beginning to use metal more than ever before. Not only is it an on-trend color this year but it brings a sleek and modern feel into any space. Different shades of metal can be combined with other colors or patterns in order to create the perfect look for any room within a home.

8. Statement Lighting

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Statement lighting is another theme that will be seen throughout many homes this year. Whether it’s a chandelier in the foyer or oversized pendant light in the kitchen, statement lighting is making its way into modern design and decorating.

There are different types of statement lighting, all of which can give a room a completely unique look. Chandeliers can be used in the living room to make a statement while pendant lights work better in the kitchen, dining or bedroom. Statement lighting can also take many different forms, from outdoor lanterns to lamps that accompany accent chairs and couches.

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9. Mixing Old With New

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Another popular decorating theme of this year is mixing old and new items together. Whether it’s side tables that have been sitting in a garage for a few years or a funky 70’s chair that has been repurposed, mixed combinations are on-trend this year.

Pairing an old piece with a new one opens up the possibilities of what you can do with the room. If it’s an old chair, consider painting it a bright color in order to bring vibrancy to the space. If it’s a dresser that is no longer used for clothes, make it into shelving or try using it in another room. Mixed combinations are not only fun but they can save money as well.

10. Mid-Century Modern

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Last but not least, a popular home decor trend this year will be mid-century modern pieces. This style is mostly seen inside tables and coffee tables with clean lines and a unique look.

Mid-century modern was popular back in the 1950s and ’60s and it made a comeback because of its fun geometric shapes and patterns while still being simple enough to be used in any space. From the kitchen to the bedroom, people are finding new ways to incorporate this classic style into their home decor.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve provided 10 examples of the most recent and on-trend designs out there today. Whether it’s a beach-themed living room or statement lighting in your kitchen, one of these ideas may just inspire you!