10 Fun Ways to Design Your Patio

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As summer approaches and the weather is getting warmer, many of us look forward to spending time outside. One great way to spend time outdoors is on the patio, where you can be within the comfort of your own home while still enjoying the fresh air.

Achieving the perfect patio takes time and effort. Lawn care, maintenance, and decorating are just a few of the things you need to keep up if you want to have a patio that is enjoyable to spend time in. But, what else can you do to spruce things up?

Check out these 10 fun ways you can make your patio better!


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Not only are patio curtains stylish, but they also have other benefits to installing them. Curtains offer a sense of privacy as well as protection to your patio. Depending on where you put them, you can easily block outsiders from having a direct view of your patio if you don’t have any fencing or preventing them from doing so. Additionally, curtains can help block out the sun, creating for hot days, and preventing sun damage.

Swing bed

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Swing beds are an amazing and comfortable addition to any patio. Whether you build one yourself or buy one from a retailer, you’ll create a comfortable place to relax, take a nap, and enjoy the warmth.

Patio cover

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Just like curtains, building a patio cover offers shade, style, and sun protection to your patio. You also don’t have to worry about spending time on your patio if it’s raining, as many covers offer full protection. You don’t necessarily have to opt for a full roof, though. Lattice patio covers are popular as well, and even though they may not protect you from rain, they still look great on any patio.

Potted or hanging plants

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Adding a variety of potted or hanging plants around your patio brings life and color even closer to you. Even if you have a nice lawn, don’t skimp out on adding plants to your patio itself. The more plants, the better! Don’t be afraid to add a variety of plants as well. Vines, flowers, cacti, and small trees are just a few of the plant varieties that would make any patio look livelier.


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Both ceiling fans and standing fans are great for any patio, especially in regions that experience extreme heat. Fans can also help keep bugs away from the immediate area, as well.

Tanning chairs

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You don’t have to have a pool to be able to sunbathe outside. With the addition of a tanning chair or two, you can catch some rays on your patio without needing to be near any real water. Just make sure you have a way to cool yourself down, though!


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Music can create a great vibe for any patio. You can either install an outdoor surround sound system or just put a few speakers outside. Whatever music you want to play, you can listen to it. Music can make spending time much more enjoyable, and it can give your guests an enjoyable experience as well.


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On cooler evenings, hanging around a firepit outside with some friends is a great experience. You can even cook food such as s’mores or hot dogs with a fire pit as well. Additionally, depending on what kind of fire pit you have, smoke can help keep pests away.

Hanging lights

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Hanging lights are a popular patio addition for a reason. Besides the obvious benefit of having added, soft lights, hanging lights set the mood and create a peaceful atmosphere. There are different types of hanging lights you can use, so just choose whichever works best for your patio.

Patio bar

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Last but not least, patio bars. Bars are fun and can be built in a variety of ways. From a full bar to a simple drink-making area, you and your guests will enjoy having an area to make drinks, socialize, and have fun.


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