10 Brilliant Ideas to Organize Your Bedroom

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More often than needed, our bedrooms become the most vacant space in the house. They are where we hurriedly throw clutter before guests come over, where our laundry hoards in piles. Above all, bedrooms are the place where “breaking a sweat” often translates into “at least I changed the sheets!” Since the majority of us are spending more time at home, now seems like a great time to get a hold of the messy bedrooms. And, dare we say, turn it into a genuinely relaxing space where you can go and unwind.

Here are a few bedroom organization ideas that make it oh-so-effortless to give your room the freshness it deserves.

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1. Organize the room in sections 

Organizing the bedroom all at once can seem devastating. Instead, split the room up based on the function of the space. Organize the closet as a crucial part of the project, then move on to armoires, wardrobes, and dresser drawers. This way, you are organizing and decluttering the storage space.

Next, arrange flat areas like the night tables and tops of dressers, as well as any bookcase that may be in your bedroom. By leaving the under-the-bed section last, you will know what should and can be stored there.

2. Rethink what belongs in the bedroom

Indeed, it makes sense to keep your apparel in your closet. But if your closet space is congested, think about all the seasonal clothes you never use for half the year (shorts in the winter, coats in the summer). Could you find a new storage space for them? If the load is plenty, putting everything under the bed won’t do. What you need is a proper storage unit – but how and where? If you are living in Texas and have limited home space, renting a self-storage unit would suffice. You can even choose between various sizes, including small, medium, and large. Aim for a measure that will keep the unused items off your bedroom.

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3. Make your bed every day

Remember when Mom would force you to make your bed every morning? She was helping you practice the basic principle of staying organized. Now, by “making your bed,” we don’t mean “putting things away.” Think of it as preparing something for its subsequent use. Therefore, treat your bed as the sanctuary it is by positioning it for use every day. If you spend five minutes each morning tucking and folding, you will develop a habit of keeping things in order. In the future, this may render into motivation for picking up the pile of laundry on the floor.

4. Clean your closets

Even if the bedroom is spotless, slight mayhem in the closet can make anyone frown. It will help if you manage your wardrobe as well. After all, it will disrupt the serene condition of the bedroom. Additionally, a cluttered closet translates to a long time getting ready, and not to mention more frustrations that come with it. Therefore, reduce the tension by arranging your clothes.

Firstly, tidy up your closet by doing a quick clutter search or an entire closet organization. Once you go through your wardrobe, donate the unneeded items and celebrate your newly serene space.

5. Make use of the back door

You may not realize this at first, but there is a lot of potential in even the pokiest bedrooms. If your door is untouched, you should know that you could reclaim a ton of back-of-the-door storage room for your extra accessories. It is invisible mainly because we always tend to keep the door open, but now you can hang up several things on it.

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6. Create a reading nook

Rescue your reading chair from magazines and clothes by adding an appropriate organization to a bedroom’s reading nook. Right next to a comfy chair, position a side table with shelves and drawers to keep piles of books/paper off the floor. Keep one frame for permanent collections and another for library books. Magazines look best in a magazine rack. To encourage an uncluttered feeling, ensure you have fewer books. If you love reading in bed, having a tiny bookcase as your bedside table would look and feel convenient.

7. Arrange your jewelry 

If your bracelet collection has outgrown its jewelry box, go for a jewelry drawer or hang an organizer. The hanging organizers typically snap onto a hanger and have multiple pockets, so nothing is tangled. Other than that, you can get a drawer insert. Drawer inserts are an excellent way to display rings, necklaces, earrings, and even watches while maintaining organization.

Bonus: having a drawer insert in your bedroom closet inspires you to wear jewelry regularly.

8. Keep your shelves high

Suppose you feel overwhelmed with the number of things you have in the bedroom. And, installing shelves on the walls does not seem like a decent idea. Try installing them just below the ceiling. To reach your belongings, you will need to get up there.

However, you are going to save yourself from jerking into shelves. Also, it prevents you from feeling restrained with the amount of space you have and, most importantly, the stuff on the walls.

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

9. Add mirrors to brighten things up

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Here’s the thing: mirrors reflect light, so they are an easy way to encourage that light-and-bright vibe. Your job is to place the mirror in a place where it will reflect a blank wall or a window rather than a cluster grenade. The latter will only stress you out.

10. Lighten up the darkest corners of the bedroom

Everybody talks about how calming airy, light spaces are. The cheapest, fastest way to snag that look? By equipping your bedroom with a few battery-operated, peel-and-stick LED lights. It will help if you place them in your closet and under your open shelves. The brighter those spaces are, the more aware you are of the placement of things. Other than that, these lights offer a professionally installed and designed feel.


There’s never a wrong time to start organizing your bedroom. Every little contribution will make your space the best it can be. Even devoting fifteen minutes to organizing your bedroom can go a long way. By following some quick fixes, you will be good to go. Therefore, get rid of unnecessary items lying here and there, utilize the space and enjoy your revamped bedroom.