Seals vs. Stains: Which Is The Best Decking Treatment?

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

We all want to have a deck in our home, even those living in hi-rises and apartments. There is nothing more relaxing than being there, a drink on hand, waiting for the setting sun. Meanwhile, there are various ways to enjoy having this part of the home. It is an extension of the house, so you can have an event right here in the open air surrounded by people who love you best.

Unfortunately, you need to look out for a lot of things if you want your deck to last for a long time. As it is usually made out of wood, exposure to the elements can lead to damages. During these times, repairs are the last thing that you want to happen in your home. You may have made this part of your house as durable as possible, but it will still degrade over time. Treatment should be done so that your deck is going to last longer.

When the Solution Goes Right

Before we can continue on kinds of treatment, you need to know what you are facing first. You will need to address several issues that can help you resolve almost anything about this part of your house. First off, you need to check on the materials used for constructing it aside from the surface. It is usually the wooden part, which will have the common issues that wood has when exposed to the environment.

One of the most common problems regarding decks is discoloration or having that silvery-white hue on the surface. It is usually just a cosmetic effect and has nothing to do with the quality, although it does look off. However, the more pressing issue with the floors would be the structure getting weaker because this can lead to many accidents. It can also be a concern if it cannot hold anything without getting scratched like furniture and pottery. These are the everyday items that you can see on anyone’s deck.

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However, there are many ways that you can treat any problem with this corner of your home. As you can see here, each is designed to keep it all in good condition for a long time. Not all of them will be needed because some of them are specialized to solve one issue only. You might need all of them, though, depending on the situation.

Sealers and Stains

Decking treatment

It can usually involve paint, as it can cover any discoloration. After all, this usually happens to any wooden fixture left outside of our houses. However, when it comes to cracking and peeling off of the surface, then you might need to have it covered with another layer of wood. You can try to haul everything out and start anew, but that will take a lot of time and money.

For this reason, sealers and stains are your best buddies for deck treatment. Sealers are almost self-explanatory as they cover all of the cracks and crevices. They pose a danger to anyone and anything on the floor. These are mostly clear to avoid impeding the wood’s natural color underneath, creating an illusion that it is still the same surface. Sealers also make the floor waterproof, but you need to reapply it every year.

On the other hand, stains seep through the wood and provide additional protection that sealants can’t offer. It almost makes the floor even more challenging and makes it harder to be damaged by the surroundings or the weather. You can either find it in a clearer form similar to sealants, and you can opt for a much more opaque color for a better finish. Either way, it helps the sealers by keeping the material underneath the prior treatment covering safe and more durable.

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When it comes to choosing a treatment, always remember to depend on your current needs. You might need a sealer because it is continuously raining in your area. Meanwhile, stains are significant if you want a more durable finish. Either way, these two work hand-in-hand in making sure that your deck would stay as pristine as possible for a long time.