2017 Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

The time is still ripe to redecorate your house.  The earliest months of a new year are some of the best times to venture out and try new decor styles. With a fresh start and a new look, your house will be primed and ready for all of your yearly entertainment needs.  Switching up your lighting is one of the simplest ways to add new life to any room in the house. Floor lamps, in particular, completely transform the entire look.  They add far more than just light.  These decor pieces add beauty, quirkiness, and eye-catching charm. Consider one of these top floor lamp trends for the new year. 

Tree Lamps

With their creative array of “branches” and multiple bulbs, tree lamps are the perfect way to create a central light source with a much softer, stylish appeal.  Many of these lamps allow you to choose how many bulbs you wish to turn on at any given time.  This flexibility helps you control how brightly the lamp shines. At full power, this lamp easily lights an entire room. However, with just a few bulbs, you can also create soft, ambient lighting.

Some of the best style options include the elegant Tulip tree lamp. Credit: Lampsplus.com
For a more minimalistic tone, consider the stark but fashionable Boston Harbor floor lamp. Credit: Amazon
For a strictly ambient tone, the Cherry Blossom Tree Lamp gives your home a “fairy-like” feel. Credit: Amazon

Industrial Motif

Industrial-toned floor lamps are a must-have for those aiming to give their home a fashionable but functional feel.  These lamps are especially popular among industrial designers and homeowners aiming for a modern atmosphere. With the rich use of metals such as copper, iron, and steel, these lamps give rooms a clean, neat look. When paired with an old fashion Edison bulb, these lamps also add a touch of antique charm.

Popular options include the Uttermost Marias Floor Lamp. Credit: Amazon
Retro Long Arm Fishing Lamp. Credit: Amazon
Black Metal Shelving Lamp. Credit: Amazon

Regardless of what specific style you choose, your home’s minimalistic charm will skyrocket with any Industrial Motif choice.


Everyone loves a good western theme. If you’ve considered adding some rustic tones to your house, the best place to start is with your lighting.  This floor lamp style harkens back to the prairies and woods of the Old West.  These lamps easily provide a down-to-earth charm.

Lamps such as the Simple Driftwood Metal Floor Lamp are built with actual tree branches, offering a rich earthy feel. Credit: Amazon
Other amazing options such as the Birch Tree Floor Lamp borrow creativity from Mother Nature herself, giving a stylish but decidedly “lodge-like” feel. Credit: Amazon

Torchiere Lamps

This antique lamp style dates back as far as the 17th century.  Originally from France, the torchiere lamp is named for its tall “candlestick” style.

Lamps range from the minimalistic SKY Elite LED Torchiere. Credit: Amazon
The rich elegance of the dark-bronze painted finish torchiere and everything in between. Credit: Amazon

Because these lamps are so tall, they fit very well in any room and offer a steady source of adjustable light.  This Old World lamp style is being tweaked and re-created every year by designers.  As a result, many unique and nontraditional styles are cropping up quickly.

Geometric Motif

Emphasizing squares, circles, and other unique shapes, geometric motif highlights the natural beauty of symmetry and shape.  This lamp style is very broad and includes a huge range of lamp options.  The natural symmetry of this style gives rooms a clean and organized atmosphere.  This style also echoes the past charm of the retro rocket age of the 50’s and 60’s. Designs range from the simple but functional Floor Lamp Etagere Organizer to the stylized elegance of the Modern Geometric Transitional.

Lamps offer an almost endless array of unique choices, styles, and colors. It can feel overwhelming when it comes to making the perfect decision.  Before you begin browsing, always keep a few things in mind to help simplify the decision process.  Questions such as:

  • How much light do I need?
  • What style appeals to me?
  • What room will this lamp be in?
  • What style matches the rest of the decor?
  • What’s my price range?
  • Am I open to experimentation?

These types of questions greatly simplify your search and reveal what you’re really looking for.

Selecting a unique, eye-catching lamp is the first step toward transforming your house.  A beautiful room starts with a beautiful light source.


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