Securing Your Property: Simple and Effective Ideas for Added Home Security

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Owning a home is a dream come true for most people. But beyond purchasing your first home and arranging the furniture just the way you like it, there are many more elements of homeownership that you’ll need to consider.

Perhaps you want a dream garden, or maybe you have plans to build an extension to your home, or even a guest house for when your in-laws show up. But before you get into all of the extras, security should be your first step.

Home security is essential for you to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. And if you’re raising a family, home security should be placed as your highest priority.

Thankfully, we have many available methods for creating a stronger level of security in and outside of the home. And in the following article, we’ll explore a few ideas for you to consider.

Home Window Tinting

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Believe it or not, but the first tinted glass came along well before most people were living in modern homes. In fact, tinted glass dates as far back as 3000 BCE to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. And even then, this type of glass was used for home security and to keep the sun’s rays at bay.

Tinted glass for home windows is still in use today, though much more modernized through the use of polymer science. And installing tinted windows on your home can be a great investment, as they have been known to have several uses. A few of these are as follows:

  • Added home security
  • Temperature regulation
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Added privacy
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Studies have shown that the average home without tinted glass is broken into more than that with darkened windows. And in addition, tinted glass also keeps your windows protected from shattering if an object such as a golf ball or storm debris slams into them.

Exterior Lighting

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Having a well-lit property is also seen as a major deterrent for thieves and others who have nefarious intentions in mind. And this is actually one of the cheaper methods for adding security to your home.

Adding exterior lighting can also add greater ambiance to your overall landscape design. And you can do this by setting up solar lamps along pathways, in gardens and flower beds, or lining stairs.

Perhaps one of the most effective methods for adding exterior lighting comes in the form of floodlights. These are typically placed on the corners of the home and help to illuminate the darker areas of your property at night.

In addition to motion sensors and bright porch lighting, when you have the entire property lit up at night, this will offer you the most home security.

Video Surveillance

Photo by Michał Jakubowski on Unsplash

Unfortunately, we live in a time where even our front doorstep isn’t entirely safe. And this is most notable due to the recent upsurge of “porch pirates” who come to take packages left on doorsteps.

With noticeable video surveillance, would-be thieves are usually deterred because of the presence of a camera. And you can have these cameras installed in many different ways.

Doorbell cameras have been popular in recent years because of the wireless technology incorporated. As such, you can view your porch from an app on your smartphone through your doorbell camera at any time, or even answer the door with a voice message.

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Hidden video surveillance is also a popular strategy as well. But though highly effective as an added security feature, these cameras aren’t noticeable. And if a thief sees a camera, he or she is less likely to attempt burglarizing your home.

Home security is what offers us comfort when we come home from work late at night, when we’re asleep in our homes, or when we simply want to enjoy the privacy of our homes without worry of intrusion. As such, taking the steps to secure your home and your family should be one of the first home improvement strategies you incorporate.