16 Stunning Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Are you thinking of revamping your outdoor space without having to spend mega bucks? The easiest and most cost effective way to make your outdoor space achieve that dream like quality is by making a few changes in the lighting. Below are sixteen of the most stunning outdoor lighting ideas that really work!

1. Patio Lighting Ideas using Luminous Lanterns

Lanterns have a certain old fashioned charm. They cast a quaint shadow on the surroundings all the while illuminating the area where they are kept.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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2. Votive Candles for Outdoor Lighting

Votive candles are cheap yet definitely get the job done. Encase them in cases which look like animated objects so the flame doesn’t go out and create a romantic atmosphere. These outdoor lightning ideas are pretty easy to implement and won’t cost a great deal either.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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3. Overhead Lantern Fixtures Strung on Ceilings

One of the most beautiful outdoor lighting ideas includes hanging lantern fixtures which come in a variety of shapes and designs. These can range from any shape which maybe geometric or simply stark, it’s one of those outdoor lighting ideas which would work well in any place.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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4. Stringing Fairy Lights

Another great backyard lighting idea could be to string fairy lights around the walls or the pillars or you could simply place few in mason jars to hang. These give a somewhat ethereal look to the surroundings and also add to the festive atmosphere.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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5. Lighting Columns to Illuminate the Pool Area

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You don’t need to splurge a great deal on landscape lighting ideas either. Simply make use of lighting columns in geometric shape to make the area glow like a magical dream.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

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6. Rechargeable LED Lights for

For Patio lighting ideas string a few LED rechargeable lights for a subtle yet sophisticated atmosphere. LED lights are safer then candles and aren’t that hot to touch.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

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7. Landscape Lighting with Light bulbs attached to a railing

Just because you want to create a stunning landscape lighting doesn’t mean you have got to be an all out expense splurge. String a few light bulbs along the railing or tree tops to add to the festive décor.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

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8. Patio Lights

A simple but effective patio lighting idea could include attaching patio lights to the ceiling. A few patio lights hung around the beams can add a rustic look. Patio lights are pretty easy to install and would only require a visit or two from the electrician, thus making it one of the easiest outdoor lighting ideas to implement.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

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9. Café String Lights for the Backyard

Looking for backyard lighting ideas? Invest in café strings hung from the ceiling for a quaint and dreamy look.

Patio Lighting Ideas

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10. Backyard Lighting Ideas using Portable Candles

Not everyone can invest in a fireplace. It could be either due to space or budget constraints. However you can create the same glow by help of portable candles to light up each sitting area separately. Just make sure to put the candles in cases to offer extra protection and safety.

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Patio Lighting Ideas

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11. Light Fixtures for Outdoor Lighting

Light fixtures come in a variety of shapes and designs, from the simple to the opulent. Take your pick and take inspiration from this stunning Patio lighting Idea.

Patio Lighting Ideas

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12. Traditional Chandeliers for Outdoor Lighting

Chandeliers may be traditional but the old world charm works every time. Whether its guests you are having for dinner or a simple family get together, chandeliers look wonderful and add to the celebratory mood.

Patio Lighting Ideas

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13. Chinese Lanterns for Backyard Lighting Ideas

Chinese lanterns make an interesting addition to any patio or backyard. They serve as great decorative pieces along with providing a cheery atmosphere.

Landscape Lighting

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14. Stair Raiser Lights

If you want to take inspiration from dazzling patio lighting ideas, then have some lights installed in the stairs to create an understated and delicate glow.

Landscape Lighting

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15. Fireplace for Outdoor Lighting

Fireplaces look grand and add a certain classic touch to any outdoor space. Though fireplaces can be one of the expensive patio lighting ideas, these prove to be a unique addition if you could afford.

Landscape Lighting

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16. Landscape Lighting Ideas using Solar Path Lights

Adding path lights can add some visual detailing to the surrounding darker areas. It makes your home look more welcoming. The best thing about solar lights is that they come in a wide array of shapes and designs. Some are traditional while some are quite modern. You can take your pick from whatever catches your fancy.

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Landscape Lighting

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All these outdoor lighting ideas work for every budget. Whether you are interested in creating a classy backdrop for family dinners or provide a luminously lit seating area for your guests, we are sure the above mentioned patio lighting ideas would work well for everyone. Just make sure that if you are making use of candles, keep them in protective glass cases. It might be windy and these could prove to be dangerous.

Let us know which outdoor lighting ideas actually appealed to you and which you would rather implement in your homes. Awaiting your feedback!

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