18 Creative Halloween Wreath Ideas For Front Door

Front Door Wreaths

October 31 is just around the corner and soon we all will be celebrating the spooky festival of Halloween. Preparations have already begun in most households that look forward to decorating their homes with colorful Halloween accessories including wreaths. Halloween wreaths come in a number of designs, some spooky, while others are simply funny and creative. Halloween wreath decorations for the front door of your homes perhaps take a longer time than doing up the pumpkins and other stuff. One can take the help of various Halloween wreath ideas listed all over the internet or in the magazines and get ideas on how to go ahead with a particular one. Lets have a look at the top 18 Halloween wreath ideas for your front door. All these ideas are creative and quite unusual to be seen.

1. Trendy DIY bat Halloween wreath ideas

The arty bats seen forming a crowd around the wreath made of twigs look very artistic indeed and the designer has taken enough pains to make sure that the cut outs of all the bat figures were exactly the same. This was done using Silhouette machine and some glue to stick these together. The whole collective thing is awesome in appearance and lends a charming touch to the wreath.

Front Door Wreaths

Image credit: dailyhomedecorideas

2. Orange roses Halloween wreath with a black striped bow

The bright orange wreath seen in the image looks dazzling and can add a festive look bang on your front door. The wreath is made in the shape of a grapevine, composed of felt. The texture looks quite eye grabbing and quite artistic. On top of the wreath is attached a black and white striped bow and in the middle is a sticker with Boo inscribed on it.

Halloween wreaths

Image credit: blogspot

3. Mummy tomb wreath for Halloween

A very spooky looking wreath idea for this Halloween, the Mummy’s tomb wreath is one creative piece where one can get to see a mummy’s skinny hands hanging from a bowed ribbon that is licorice in color. The wreath is covered with gauze and is placed just bang on your front door to give you the scare of a lifetime. The mummy’s hands are made of plastic and a whole lot of items went into making this wreath that the owner made at home.

Halloween wreath decorations

Image credit: etsy

4. Day of the dead inspired Halloween wreath ideas

If spooking your little treat masters is your aim this Halloween, here is shown a pretty scary wreath idea that has a skeleton bridegroom and bride holding hands and looking very much in love with each other! The whole idea is creepy where the designer has used lot of silken fabric for making the wreath. The white cover along with the darker silken shades lend a good contrast.

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halloween wreath decorations

Image credit: pinterest

5. Fun spider web Halloween wreath ideas

Spiders and spider webs have always been fancied by people when celebrating the festive season of Halloween. In the image is a cute looking wreath that looks like the web of a spider with a funny twist. It is unlike the many commonly seen spider web designed wreaths seen on most front doors of people around this time. Designed as a grapevine, there is a funny looking figure of a spider along with three paper cut outs saying ‘eek!’

halloween wreaths

Image credit: decoist

6. Pink and black Halloween wreath ideas with a raven

If spooking too much isn’t your idea of having some great fun in Halloween, here is a cool idea how you can have a wreath that has a perfect balance between cuteness and spook factor. The wreath here is made using black fabric with feathery touch being offered by pink. There is a plastic figure of a raven that is shown sitting atop a placard that reads ‘Beware’. It is not an overtly scary wreath but looks gorgeous, no doubt!

halloween wreaths

Image credit: makecreatedo

7. Colorful rag Halloween wreath ideas

If you have Halloween approaching soon enough and want to create such wreaths that look colorful and add fun to your Halloween decor, take a look at the picture that shows how rags of clothes can be used to make a colorful wreath. The wreath is made from tit bits of clothes that are old or not used any longer. A bright looking wreath involving a whole lot of shades like purple, orange and green is bound to make anyone smile and feel good.

halloween wreath decorations

Image credit: tipjunkie

8. Halloween yarn ball wreath ideas

This is a very neat idea to decorate your front doors with simple and easily available yarn balls that you can buy from any store and then sew these balls together to form a wreath as beautiful as the one below. Made from white, black and orange balls of varying sizes, the wreath looks very bright and is held together with a satin bow. It is a creative idea adopted by the designer and is simple in appearance.

halloween wreath decorations

Image credit: dailyhomedecorideas

9. Creative Halloween wreath ideas with goth like decoration

Halloween is the time when you must show your creative side and the wreath shown displayed on the front door looks quite an artistic piece that has been made at home using things like black crepe paper, glue, foam wreath and a artificial raven bird. The black wreathe looks stunning and has a Gothic look with close resemblance to a fashionable feather boa worn around the neck.

Creative Halloween wreath ideas

Image credit: katydidandkid

10. Spooky snake wreath ideas for Halloween

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If creating a feeling of eeriness is your theme this Halloween, you can try some changes by doing away with ghosts and skeletons, and instead using replicas of snakes to decorate your wreaths for front door. Snakes are the ultimate spook generators and are loved around this time of the year. Just take a normal wreath and stick on it a number of snakes made of plastic. If you can find a can of black paint, spray some on your snake figurines and just see what these slimy creatures can do to your guests!

Front Door Wreaths

Image credit: rosemaryonthetv

11. Smiling witch Halloween wreath ideas

The idea for decorating front doors during Halloween is to bring cheer and to spread a festive spirit around the corner. Hence, one can move away from spooking their guests off every time and instead put in some creativity to make wreaths as innovative as this one. It is a face of a smiling witch peeping right through and surrounded by dices from all corners.

halloween wreaths

Image credit: wordpress

12. Beautiful paper Halloween wreath ideas

There must be some change when you decorate your front doors during Halloween this time as putting scary wreaths has become the norm of the day and is seen in almost all homes. It becomes boring …but, now you can make something unique by making use of paper. Yes, paper can be used to make the wreath that is shown below. The owner has cut out different pieces of paper and molded it to form a bunch of conical shaped flowers. The design is refreshing and makes for a cheerful piece of door decoration.

halloween wreaths

Image credit: hubpages

13. Pretty lacy wreath ideas for Halloween

Lacy wreaths are becoming very popular as people want to add beautiful accents to their front doors during Halloween and other festive occasions. The mesmerizing lacy wreath in the image below looks classy and quite sassy with motifs of flowers woven on the rim of the wreath in pure black lace. The backdrop of orange offers a magnetic touch to the whole look and so does the satin black massive flower attached on one corner.

halloween wreath ideas

Image credit: primadr

14. Colorful Halloween wreath ideas with cherries and polka dotted balls

The colorfully decorated wreath seen here adds a feeling of cheerfulness with various geometric shapes like triangles and balls with white polka dots. There is a mix of many shapes and designs that lend it a very appealing touch. One can see bright red cherries peeping through and also Boo written on all the white and black patterned stars.

halloween wreath ideas

Image credit: lilluna

15. Cheerful candy corn Halloween wreath ideas

Sometimes, one can think of adding fresh ideas too when designing wreaths for festivals like the pretty candy corn wreath seen in the image. It isn’t as difficult to make as it seems. All you need is a bundle of this sweet confectionery and glue these on to a normal wreath. Now attach it with a satin ribbon or bow. Voila…you have created a masterpiece!

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Front Door Wreaths

Image credit: east9thstreet

16. Black Licorice Halloween wreath ideas with yellow flower

If you want to treat your tricksters who come knocking at your door during Halloween, here is how you can greet these little munchkins! You can make use of sweet licorice candy and stick these together to form a wreath. The black shiny appearance of this awesome wreath will surely put a smile on the little one’s faces. The bright yellow flower has been made with chips and adds a pretty accent to the black licorice wreath.

Front Door Wreaths

Image credit: primadr

17. Halloween Paper Plates and Sprinkles Wreath idea

Wreaths such as this one in the image makes me wonder how creative a man’s mind can become provided he thinks out of the box! This is what the designer has done by making use of paper plates, some coffee, cookie sprinkles, a grapevine wreath and a whole lot of other things readily available in homes. The edges of these flowers have been burnt using a lamp and the aged look of these flowers has been created by dipping the papers in coffee concoction. After the flowers were made, the designer sprinkled some cookie sprinkles over the top to add shimmer. The collective set of flowers was then glued around the wreath to add finishing touch.

halloween wreath decorations

Image credit: centsationalgirl

18. Scary night yarn Halloween wreath idea

Such a wreath made of yarn is quite commonly seen sported on front doors of many people. But the only twist here is the scary or spooky scene of a night attached to an ordinary wreath. For those who have a normal yarn wreath, they can just add a scene as shown below to create some twisting turn and have a fun time. The designer has embroidered the night scene using wool of different colors like yellow for the backdrop, while using blue, green and black for the houses, bats and the greenery.

halloween wreath decorations

Image credit: decoist

Halloween wreaths are a must to have accessory this time around when little tricksters come knocking for candies and sweet treats. Hope the article has helped you in finalizing on a few Halloween wreath ideas that would definitely be remembered by your friends and family for years to come. Get inspired and start doing up your wreaths as time is running! Halloween comes knocking again this year…..!! Have fun!

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