DIY Ideas for Giving Your Backyard a New Look and a Sanctuary-Like Feel

Photo by Dave Whiteside on Unsplash

If your backyard is in a desperate need of a face-lift, with the coming of spring, you might be in the right mood to do something about it. Backyard makeovers are not only a lot of fun, they are also a great outlet where you can give way to your creative energy and talent. 

There are many fantastic ideas that can inspire you to transform your backyard and design a space with a sanctuary-like vibe, welcoming and inviting where you can entertain your friends, spend time with your kids and let your pets run wild.

Pick the Right Timing

Many homeowners choose to redesign their backyards in less-favorable months so it could all be finished come spring or summer when everyone loves spending time outdoors. In most regions, the best time to begin with a backyard transformation is late spring to early fall, but it depends on the type of work you’re planning to do. For instance, as concrete is temperature-sensitive, it’s best to work with it when temperatures are above 50°F. On the other hand, pavers and bricks can be laid in any weather as long as the soil is soft enough to be dug out a few inches.

Lay a Brand New Lawn

If your lawn is beginning to dry out and is starting to show discoloration or bald spots, the biggest transformation in terms of color and texture will be laying a brand new lawn. For families with kids and pets, it’s important to choose grass that can withstand heavy traffic and has a high tolerance for wear and tear, especially if your pooches are energetic. Dogs can cause quite a bit of damage to lawns not just because they love running around and digging it up, but mostly due to the nitrogen in their urine that can burn the grass, if there’s too much of it. 

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Make It Kid-Friendly

A sparkling new turf probably won’t make your kids happy for long, so think about installing a new swing set. You can get these in any color or even customize it yourself to match your backyard fence and blend it seamlessly. Such a playset can significantly expand your kids’ play opportunities and it can also give you the additional possibility for decoration by adding a winding flagstone path that leads to the playset and surrounding it with plants of various heights, textures and colors for a greater impact. 

Build a Stunning Deck

With the kids and pets satisfied, it’s time you think about your needs and make your backyard a place that the grown-ups can enjoy as well. Building a spacious deck is a sure way to provide a designated space for friends and family entertainment. With a colorful variety of deck plants and flowers, comfy patio furniture and a pergola for shade and trailing vines, you’ll create a stunning space for lounging and relaxing.

Boost the Coziness Level

There’s no need to give up on your backyard fun just because the summer is nearing its end. As autumn approaches, most of us still want to enjoy our gardens. One way to keep using your backyard haven even in colder weather is by installing outdoor heating. These options include natural gas, electric and gas heaters and they will quickly raise the coziness level by several degrees, literally. 

Another way to bring in more heat and light to your backyard is by building a fire pit. You could opt for a store-bought kit or you might decide to build it from scratch by creating a circle of retaining wall blocks. With a pea gravel patio and a few Adirondack chairs around, your fire pit will be a unique centerpiece of your backyard and a perfect spot for late-night gatherings.

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Create a Modern Backyard Oasis

A modern backyard oasis with clean, minimalistic lines and decor can be a perfect solution if you prefer a more streamlined, contemporary and crisp look. If you have a big yard, you could opt for a desert feel and use modern pavers set in sand and the surrounding area edged with bougainvillea for that much-needed pop of color. Or, you could go with standard, durable and sturdy plants native to the region to support the wildlife and provide a variety of textures, visual interest and aromas to your space. Combined with modern backyard furniture, you’ll create a fantastic space for hanging out and spending quality time with your family and friends.

As much as we all enjoy curling up in our living rooms and warming up by the fireplace, outdoor living spaces can offer more in terms of relaxation and fun. With these simple DIY tips, your backyard can easily be transformed into a stylish, comfortable and inviting space where you can bask in the sunshine and fresh air and add more quality to your life!