Here Are 10 Ideas To Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

A well-designed bathroom can serve as your personal oasis. It may not offer the coziness of a living room couch or the comfort of a serene bedroom, but a nice bathroom can help your start and end your days in a relaxing way. Furthermore, if you’re hoping to sell your house in the future, an updated bathroom is appreciated by buyers and can enhance the resale value.

That being said, bathroom renovations don’t come cheap. And not to mention the stress and time it takes to give bathrooms a complete makeover. But don’t let that discourage you from having your dream bathroom. There are plenty of ways you can give your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank. Here are some remodeling ideas for a functional and aesthetically-appealing bathroom.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Redesign Bathroom Yourself

Resist the temptation to hire a bathroom designer that can end up being quite expensive. You’ve got this! If you don’t have the first clue about redesigning bathrooms, then Pinterest is a great place to start. You create a mood board to discover your personal taste. You can also easily access short online courses for redesigning bathrooms. You can try to find bathroom models that are similar to the ones you have in your home. This way, it’ll be easier for you to visualize the design you want to achieve.


From cabinets to walls to floors, you can infuse new life into anything with paint. However, painting a bathroom can be more tricky than, say, painting a living room. You need to cover hard-to-reach corners while avoiding various fixtures. It can be a bit difficult, but it’s absolutely doable. If you have some funds to hire a professional, you can look for renovation companies within your area. For instance, if you live in Canada, you can search for ‘bathroom renovation Oakville’ to find reliable bathroom reconstruction services.

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Put Up Wallpaper

Designer tiles are all the rage when it comes to designing chic bathrooms. But tiles, especially designer ones, may not fall under your budget. If you want something more than paint to enhance your bathroom walls, you can put up wallpapers. Installing wallpapers isn’t as complicated as you might assume. It’s also a great option for rental spaces. It’s advisable to purchase waterproof wallpaper to ensure that the appearance of your bathroom walls won’t become dull over time due to constant water exposure.

Redo Grout

After years of use, grout tends to wear out and discolor. If you’re happy with your tiles but dirty grouts are ruining the look, you can easily redo it yourself. Simply touching up old grout with a new layer will bring old tiles back to life.

Install New Hardware

Replacing shelves and cabinets can set you back hundreds of dollars. Let them be and instead spruce them up with new hardware. These minor switch-ups make a considerable difference. For instance, you can revamp your bathroom by simply adding new cabinet handles or updating the mirror, making the space look new. Small accessories like a clothing hook or a potted plant may also help bring life to your bathroom.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Switch up Lighting Fixtures

Harsh halogen lights can make your bathroom look like a physician’s room rather than a relaxing space. Replace such lighting fixtures with soft lights. Is there a window in your bathroom? That’s even better. Clean out the area around the window to illuminate the space with natural light. Doing so will not only make your room look brighter but may also help reduce your utility bills.

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If you anticipate a rise in your electricity consumption because of additional lighting fixtures, it would be best to switch to a better-suited energy plan. Check out Origin Energy rates and Simply Energy reviews to find a suitable plan for your home. You can also use energy-efficient lightbulbs like LEDs to help ensure your new bathroom won’t cause a sudden spike in your expenses.

Buy Gently Used

Whether you’re looking for a statement mirror or bathrooms shelves, look at second-hand options. There is a good chance of you finding decent items at discounted prices. You can also redesign some furniture you have at home to save a few bucks. You can do so by reconstructing an old table into a shelving unit for your bathroom.

Get Prefabricated Shower

Getting a shower built on-site is a time-consuming and expensive job. And on top of that, you don’t want the headache of dealing with a contractor. If you’re determined to replace your shower, a prefabricated shower is a perfect solution.

Consider Low-Flow Fixtures

If you’re replacing outdated fixtures, it would be a good idea to splurge a little on low-flow fixtures. This will help you significantly reduce your everyday water wastage. Fixtures like upflush macerating toilets can be easier and much less costly to install. Unlike regular toilets that rely on gravity to flush, upflush toilets come with a macerating pump with heavy-duty stainless steel blades that aid in grinding waste and transporting it to your septic tank.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Install Plenty of Storage Options

Even a stunning bathroom can end up looking shabby if all your belongings are covering every inch of the space. Install plenty of space-saving storage solutions to keep your bathroom organized. Ensure the storage options you’ll add won’t make it look crowded or obstruct your path. For instance, it may be better to put up high shelves than a small cabinet under the sink if your bathroom isn’t that spacious.

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The Bottom Line

Instead of focusing on major structural and plumbing changes, try to work with the layout you already have. You will save money and have a brand-new looking bathroom- it’s a win-win.