The Complete Guide to Boho Décor Bathroom

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The Boho movement is often interpreted as a reaction to minimalism – emphasizing a ‘more is more’ approach. At its core, the bohemian design borrows aesthetic elements from Moroccan architecture and outdoor elements – it has no political origins though. However, the complete definition of boho décor is purposefully left vacant – there is no end-all and be-all explanation of the term except its obvious hippie roots. This leaves you free to mix diverse patterns to create your own sanctuary of comfort and style. With that said, there is a blueprint you can follow to incorporate the bohemian bathroom décor style. Here’s how. 

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Start With a Solid Foundation

To start off, use a simple base color to achieve a boho-style bathroom. Warm and earthy tones make the perfect canvas for you to become creative with patterns and colors without being too overbearing and loud.

If you go for something too bright, it may be too busy and you’ll certainly get bored with it quickly. For best results, a neutral color is always a wise decision.  

The section below will discuss more details about color selection.

Choosing the Right Colors

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Color has always been the high point in the boho style, mostly inspired by nature.  

The boho bathroom décor is not just colorful; it includes a variety of patterns and textures. The colors can be very diverse, from jewel tones and greens, to earthy browns and metallics. 

For a bright touch, add purple bright blue, or orange. For a fun, whimsical vibe, you can choose one accent color (such as turquoise) to give the room some personality.

For the most part, it is a good idea to layer patterns and colors against neutral backgrounds and allow the space to create contrast. 

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A variety of intriguing shapes can be seen in boho styles often reflecting abstract art – a hallmark of bohemian fashion. The combination of these patterns with modern colors infuses the space with life and energy.

Lastly, layer the colors with different textures to complete your boho-inspired bathroom design. The combination of texture is also an important element of this type. Most people go with canopies and drapes, that are often used to soften a room, or with silver and iron metal lanterns for ambient mood lighting.  

Going “Full” Botanical 

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The end-goal of the bohemian décor is to make your bathroom appear and feel more serene. And what better way to accomplish this than to add plants of all kinds in your bathroom? 

It’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of mastering the bohemian style while adding a decadent note to any bathroom.

There’s no limit to the types of plants that will thrive in your boho bathroom, so long as you have space and adequate lighting. 

Here are a few indoor plants that work really well in bathrooms:

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I. Potted Plants

Among the best plant for indoor uses is the traditional potted plant. It doesn’t require over-the-top maintenance and you can easily use it to inject some life into your bathroom.

Keeping some potted plants by your bath is a surefire way of boosting the décor and uplifting your mood. Bonus points if you can keep the plant next to natural lighting.

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II. Air Plants

Air plants are trending right now because they make a lovely addition to any space – including your bathroom. 

It’s easy to find room for air plants if your bathroom doesn’t have enough space. Just like potted plants, it’s important to make sure these plants are closer to your window to receive natural lighting.

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III. Shower Plants

In recent years, shower plants have flaunted their way into boho décor trends. The obvious plants of choice are ivies (or Hedera) because they can handle the hot and humid environment of your shower. It’s like becoming one with nature!

You can’t just put any plants into the shower and make it work. You’ll have to consider plant size, lighting, and watering needs. 

For a bathroom with a north-facing window, you’ll want low-light plants. If you have lots of natural light pouring through a large south-facing bathroom window, you will want light-loving plants.

Pro tip: Now if you’re not big on plant maintenance, you can select faux plants too. 

Bohemian Bathroom Tiling 

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If you’re serious about creating a bohemian décor in your bathroom, you’ll have to carefully bathroom tiles. Subway tiles are by far the most popular bathroom tile and can be used on both floors and walls. 

They are easy to install and come in contrasting colors. The goal is to leverage the boho atmosphere in the patterns of the tiles. 

Hippie decorative tiles with whimsical designs are easy to find. A quick Google search led us to where you will find a ton of funky tiles with clever artwork and weird abstracts.

Shiplapping Goes Well with Bohemian

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One unexpected way to spruce up your bathroom is to mimic the highly coveted look of shiplap. It’s an effective and inexpensive way of inviting vintage designs into the bathroom.

When shiplapping your bathroom, you could go as large in scale as you want or as subtle as you wish. The beauty of shiplapping is hardly diminished in accordance to size. 

Why not take it on as a DIY project? Here’s an easy guide you can follow to shiplap your bathroom! 

Play Around with Containers

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Your bathroom probably has a ton of things that need to be stored – from toiletries like toothpaste and mouthwash to eye creams and face wash. Just because the boho décor breaks away from minimalism doesn’t mean things have to be cluttered. 

You will have to deal with the mess by putting items in dedicated storage areas. There are different storage opportunities that can create a bohemian environment – and that is where containers come in. 

Containers fashioned out of natural material such as wicker and rattan double as storage areas and visually stunning pieces. 

It is worth pointing out that you shouldn’t sacrifice functionality over design. We are not going to add too many accessories to the point of kitsch. 

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Bohemian Mirrors

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Decorating with bohemian mirrors is an easy and fun way to spruce up your space. When it comes to bathroom décor, natural materials and exotic artwork are the first things that come to mind. Larger mirrors are especially great at opening up smaller spaces.

Metallic mirrors, on the other hand, can add a focal point to your bathroom, along with a sense of glamor.  

Here’s a fun DIY challenge: why not try your hand at making your own mosaic-tiled mirrors? 

Bohemian Lamps and Lanterns

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There is an element of fantasy in any bohemian space, and boho bathroom lighting is no exception. Look for exaggerated shapes or cubes when selecting lighting fixtures for your bathroom, like arched brass wall sconces seen here

Outdated elements such as hanging lamps in bright color schemes and gold accents provide the perfect Bohemian backdrop. Note that the lanterns and shades do not have to be functional – they’re statement pieces after all.  

They can be hung from the ceiling; whether with a hook next to a pendant ceiling or ceiling roses with integral hooks. The lanterns and lamps can be used to highlight the shower while the celling can be illuminated using a chandelier.

Curtains and Drapes with Heavy Embroidery 

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Curtains are an absolute must-have in a bohemian inspired bathroom. You can use opaque curtains with heavy embellishments for the windows and semi-transparent versions of them (with light embroidery) to cover the shower area. 

Exceptionally embellished curtain panels are ideal for a luxurious yet functional bathroom. A soft, voile, light, or cotton curtains with the ability to filter light look great, and also provide you with privacy. 

Embrace Natural Materials

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Rattan pendant lights are all the rage these days. A quick search on for “wicker pendant lighting” yields promising results, check them out here

Natural materials are the easiest means of adding texture to your bathroom and can be achieved in so many ways, including;

  • Upholstery
  • Macramé wall hanging
  • Planters made of natural material such as wicker 
  • Water-resistant artwork

Accessorize and Layering the Bathroom

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Bohemian design is all about divergent surfaces and textures. Irrespective of the size and shape of the shower, you can use a variety of patterns and colors to stabilize the decor. 

Instead of going for plain wood for the shelf, get interesting and colorful cupboards and chests with brilliant Moroccan-inspired motifs to revive the bathroom. You can make a more luxurious boho-style bathroom by incorporating stone floors with granite sinks. 

When picking accessories for your boho-style bathrooms, you should try to get items from various countries. The items you pick may include some glamorous pieces. 

For example, you could buy articles such as decorative gold mirrors and striking crystal chandeliers. Or better yet, pick over the top vintage items from antique stores.  

Pro tip: If you don’t know how to decorate your bathroom you can surely buy a funny and attractive item – such as this wall art that will spruce up your bathroom in an instant. 

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Our Top Picks for Accessories 

The boho décor is busy with color and patterns. For this reason, the main furniture is kept simple to create contrast and to prevent the space from being too crowded. You can improve your bathroom’s visuals with the help of statement pieces – and this is where you’ll have to be a bit creative.  

When shopping for décor pieces, look for accents that are filled with Moroccan motifs to catch the attention of the eye.  

If you’re running out of ideas for boho accessories, don’t fret. We’ve rounded up our pick of the most interesting items, handcrafted by artists on Etsy, Amazon, and other such places. 

I. Driftwood Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry hanger creates a stunning focal point that will instantly steal attention in any room, especially the bathroom. You can make special requests for the length of driftwood and if you want it straight or bent. The artist will then send you a picture of their work. 

The driftwood comes with hooks so that you can hang your jewelry in your bathroom

Our recommendation is to go with more than one to create an interesting display. 

Click here to check this product on Etsy.

II. Garland Representing Moon Phases

This Moon Phase Garland practically screams out ‘boho’. The different phases of the moon create an interesting play on color and shows just how creative you can get with neutral patterns. 

What’s interesting to note is that the garland is entirely handcrafted and comes with a unique theme. Each ‘phase’’ is painted in gold or silver and hung using a gold or silver chain.

Click here to check prices on Etsy.

III. Turquoise and Gold Concrete Sculpture

Prepare to shell out some serious bucks because this rustic sculpture costs nearly $230 – but it is every bit valuable as it is pricey. The rustic sculpture is dipped in blue colors to produce a unique pattern across the width of the block. 

This one-of-a-kind painting will make it appear as if you time traveled thousands of years into the past!

Click here to check prices on Etsy.

IV. Wall Art Set of 5

Use this bold, maximalist wall art set to draw attention to your bathroom. The set introduces a splash of color and art that pays homage to the Bohemian style’s affinity for handcrafted work. 

Overall, the clean, maximalist style of the wall art enables the 2D prints to provide textural contrast to the rest of your bathroom. 

Click here to check prices on Etsy.

V. Set of Three Rattan Baskets 

These baskets are woven from wicker rattan and have a natural color on the top.  They do a good job of organizing your toiletries and also act as a statement piece in their own right. These baskets are affordable, lightweight, and look stunning in a boho-style bathroom.

It’s highly recommended to invest in wicker baskets!

Click here to check prices on Etsy. 

How would you decorate our bohemian-inspired bathroom? Send your ideas to us in the comments section below!