15 Unique Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas

Well, what good would it do to your home if the most intimate place, aka, the bathing chamber appears as if it is the most dull and drab place in your entire house that doesn’t inspire you to spend extra time other than just rush with your daily rituals of answering nature’s calls? I would definitely recommend folks to divert their energies towards styling up their bathrooms with the latest bathroom decorating ideas that will spruce up the look and make theses places comfortable and warm. For any room to get transformed into a glamorous place, it is a must that its walls be first styled up, and your bathrooms too can ooze with charm and appeal if the walls present therein are decked up with the most creative bathroom wall decor ideas. Let’s proceed and see if this post helps you find the best bathroom wall art that you have always wished was there on the walls of your bathing area.

1. Beautiful wall heater for bathroom

Bathrooms can now look glittering with such wall arts that serve multi uses like the beautiful sculpture of a lady seen anchored on the grey textured wall of the bathroom below. Actually, the black and golden lady wall art isn’t just your mundane bathroom wall art but a wall heater. Now a days, wall heaters for bathrooms come in stylish designs that can add spice to the decor of your bathing rooms.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Image credit: lushome

2. Modern bathroom wall art

Bathroom wall decor ideas inspire one to implement a number of cool styles to decorate the look and interior of their bathrooms. The modern bathroom wall art seen below looks trendy and reflects the finer tastes of the owner’s residing in the house. On the white tiled walls are seen two images of a nude man sitting in a relaxed position, smoking with a pipe. The wall art looks sophisticated and is very sassy.

bathroom wall art

Image credit: blogspot

3. Unique bathroom wall decor with artwork

Sometimes, one can make away with such objects or accessories that aren’t required and instead place some artwork to deck up the walls of rooms. The bathroom seen in the image looks charming as the owners have replaced the mirror behind the commode and installed a collage of artwork bearing different objects that lend style and uniqueness to the bathroom wall decor.

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bathroom wall decor

Image credit: brit

4. Glamorous bathroom wall decor with black wall design

Bathrooms look sizzling with bathroom wall decor ideas that designers keep reinventing from time to time. Such bathroom decor ideas help in transforming the look of simple bathrooms such as the one seen in the image where the wall has been decorated with an amazing looking black wall art that adds a perfect contrast to the white painted walls of the bathing area. The wall art is designed using jet black and has floral patterns to bring a charming effect inside.

Bathroom Wall Ideas

Image credit: swiftsorchids

5. Mesmerizing floral wall decor idea for bathroom

Seen here is just the perfect example of a beautifully decorated bathroom that has taken inspiration from bathroom wall decor ideas that helped revive old and dull looking interiors. The white and grey floral printed tiled wall art adds a sparkling touch to the interior and the contrast created by this artwork adds a dazzle and makes the space in front of the sink look adorable and very chic.

 bathroom decorating ideas

Image credit: zojirani

6. Awesome wall decorating ideas with a couple kissing wall art

Love is in the air, literally all over the bathroom’s decor! The kissing couple wall art seen plastered on two walls of this awesomely romantic bathroom would inspire anyone to spend some intimate time together with his or her loved one as the look of the interior is passionate with romantic shades splashed all across, in the white wheeled square box installed just under the sink bearing the lettering ‘LOVE’, the painting of the couple hung on the wall in front of the sink cabinet and a bigger wall, textured in black polka dots bearing the image of the kissing couple involved with each other in a sensuous embrace.

bathroom wall decor ideas

Image credit: outmc

7. Shimmering blue bathroom wall decor with mirror

Looking at the dazzling tiled walls of this bathroom, I must say that the owners have implemented the bathroom decorating ideas quite efficiently by lending a feel of the blue waters of an ocean. The tiled walls shine and add glamor to the whole decor. To compliment these walls is plastered a mirror that helps in reflecting the shiny walls and this helps create a feel of a bigger place.

Bathroom Wall Decor

Image credit: digsdig

8. Attractive floral wall art for bathroom

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Walls of a bathroom must appear gorgeous as these are one attribute to be seen first when anyone enters it. If you look below, you would see how fabulous the bathing area looks by a simple wall painting that seems to add chutzpah to the whole interior. The white colored walls form the base on which the designer has painted the motif of a floral bunch of vines in green and yellowish white. The reflection of this nature inspired wall paint in the mirror seems to add more energy to the decor.

Bathroom Wall Decor

Image credit: wordpress

9. Beautiful bathroom design with stone

Another innovative way to bring in a smashing look to the decor of your bathroom is to build the walls using stones. This is what can be seen in the image below where the whole wall has been textured using brown bricks that bring in rustic charm to the bathroom interior. This type of bathroom wall decor is very stylish and is most popular among folks that wish to add elegance to their bathroom interiors.

bathroom wall decor

Image credit: evtiel

10. Feminine bathroom with purple wall decor

With such a beautiful color splashed all over the walls, the bathroom could well be termed one of the most exciting in this list of unique bathroom wall decor ideas since the whole look is feminine with cool purple color seen painted on the walls behind the white sink and the vanity area. The wall with open shelves too is painted using the same tone, thereby adding splendor to every inch of the bath space.

bathroom decorating ideas

Image credit: donghae

11. Leaves and butterflies bathroom wall decor

On the wall just on the side of the white bath tub, there are designed motifs of brown branches with leaves and blue colored butterflies shown ‘fluttering’ away to reach for the sky. The color combo of blue and brown over the white backdrop of the wall seems just perfect to lend a uniform look to the bathroom decor. The blue also matches the glass separator that is framed using dark wood while the glass is in blue shade.

bathroom wall art

Image credit: a-v-designs

12. Beautiful green patterned tiles for bathroom

Tiles add style to the decor of your bathroom and the beauty of your bath interiors seems to appear enriching if the walls are tiled using various colored patterns such as the one seen below where the wall to the side of the white bath tub is decorated with green tiles that bear imprints in various geometrical shapes, adding elegance and a feeling of warmth to the bathroom interiors.

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 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Image credit: wordpress

13. Beautiful sea waves inspired bathroom wall decor idea

The bathroom wall decor of your bathing chamber can look refreshing and bright if you deck up the walls or a part of the wall with sea inspired bathroom wall art such as the one seen here. The bathroom features a beautiful painted wall with a majestic sea wave with foamy white water and shades of dark turquoise. The water paint used on this wall art looks quite ethereal and brings a total make over for the bathroom decor.

bathroom decorating ideas

Image credit: digsdigs

14. Unique tree wall decal for bathroom

Wall decals can change the appearance of simpler looking bathrooms such as the one you can see here where the decor of the bathroom seems to look fresh with a minimalist tree wall decal decorated on the wall, painted in lime yellow color. The black simple tree motif has been used very stylishly for offering a beautiful backdrop for hanging clothes and towels.

bathroom wall art

Image credit: bomeng

15. Black turtle with bubbles wall decal for bathroom

On the light grey painted wall is printed a beautiful and attention grabbing wall sticker of a black turtle swimming in the water with bubbles getting formed on all sides. The bathroom wall art as this one can glamorize plain looking bathrooms and make them the center of attention amongst other decor features. These types of wall decals come in a variety of sizes and colors depending on what customers like.

 bathroom decorating ideas

Image credit: etsy

Bathrooms designed as per the above listed unique bathroom wall decorating ideas would without a doubt become the main topic of discussion in any social gatherings as these are such cool ideas that can help you transform a dull looking bathing area to a glamorized space that allows you to attend to your nature’s call in style and with full satisfaction. Do go through this post, and recommend your friends too for imbibing these cool bathroom wall decor ideas in their bathing chambers as well!

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