The Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Kitchens are truly the heart of the home, and 2016’s top kitchen trends are sure to spice things up in this all important room. Whether you’re building a new home from ground up or just remodeling an existing home, you’ll want your kitchen to be the epitome of style and class. Here is a look at some of the hottest trends this year.

Kitchen Design Trends

1. Coloring

When you dream about your new kitchen, what colors do you see? Although plain white has always been an easy standby, the popular color choices for this year are muted neutrals, so stay away from the bold reds and greens, except as accents. Instead, opt for a smooth charcoal color or pale pastel on backsplashes, walls, and even cabinets. The plus to this look is a clean, modern style that works well with every type of surface. Check out these color ideas for adding simplicity to your kitchen.

2. Channeling Another Era

Not everything is about modern, sleek styles. There is room for a few throwbacks too! This year we’ll see a return to mod in minimalist fashion. Try out light wood cabinets and smooth textures and make it simple. Clear the for a sleek, functional look or dab into the 80s, which are actually coming back in style. Forbes suggests that “mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and high-gloss surfaces” are “more elegant and refined this time around.” The key to this look is moderation – keep it clean and simple while still having a little fun.

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3. Metal Oven Hoods

It’s time to bring things up a notch with a metal hood for your oven! This sleek look replaces the old wood mantels of yesterday, and also the clunky microwave kept above your range. As a bonus, the glint of metal in an otherwise neutral room acts as a centerpiece and introduces a contrast to an otherwise bland space. This year is a popular one for all things metal—including metallic finishes on faucets, handles, and other small kitchen items.

Kitchen Design Trends

4. Smarter Design

Let’s face it. Most people would have a hard time living without their smartphone these days. The texting, gaming, and tweeting doesn’t stop when you’re cooking, so keep up your battery level with the newest smart outlets.

It seems there are endless ways to hide a charging station or incorporate it into your room. State-of-the-art appliances make a great addition to your hightech kitchen, as well as built-in coffee makers and wet bars. You’ll be able to relax with your tablet charging as you cook up a meal for your family. Custom home builders such as Princeton Classic Homes are making many smart home features standard in their new homes this year.

5. Transitional Space

This year takes the “open living” concept to a whole new level. No longer are kitchens simply viewable from the living area, now they are basically combined with it. To achieve this, merge your small appliances into movable, hidden spaces that can easily integrate into the kitchen area. Play around with ways to streamline the look, and keep it consistent. Nothing pulls together two rooms like compatible coloring, simple focal points, and open walkways.

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6. Mixed Countertops

While we’re great fans of granite and quartz, there’s a little something special about a countertop made of mixed materials, and it’s hot in 2016. Have a little fun with your new space and try out a mixture of wood and stainless steel, or mix and match the countertops with your center island. There are hundreds of possibilities, and each one is completely unique.

If you’re building a new home this year or just remodeling your existing home, be sure to pay special attention to the kitchen. The kitchen will continue to be the center of every home, and you’ll want to get this important gathering place right. So, keep these top design trends in mind and feel free to add in a few of your own personal touches to have the stylish, classy kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!