6 Professionals You Need When Working on a Fixer-Upper

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There is something deeply fulfilling about buying a fixer-upper for a cost and dealing with the renovations yourself. But if you really want to turn a pre-loved property into the house of your dreams, you are going to need some help.

Here is a list of the most important professionals you have to reach out to if you’re planning to work on a fixer-upper:

1. Inspector

Hopefully, you already hired an inspector to walk through the property with you before you even bought the house. This is important when you’re assessing how much work the property needs before it is ideal for you to live in. But if you skipped that part to jump on the attractive prices, then you’re going to need to hire one now that it’s time to actually do the renovating.

An inspector would be able to do a thorough inspection of your property and give you a list of everything you need to have repaired, replaced, or renovated to make the space safe and conducive for the life you’re envisioning to have in it.

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2. Pest Control

One of the most important structural problems you may have to deal with in a fixer-upper is the presence of unwanted critters that might be dealing structural damage to the property. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to find pest control companies and exterminators you can trust to get the job done.

Just remember to compare companies not just in terms of how much their services will cost you, but also in terms of their track record and the kind of reviews they have from previous clients. No one wants to deal with pests in a supposedly new home, so you better hire a trustworthy exterminator company to help you with it.

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3. Interior Designer

Since you’re trying to build your dream home, you might as well make it match the kind of home you’ve always dreamed of having. An interior designer can help you with that. Even if you already have a pretty comprehensive picture in your head of what you want your dream home to look like, an interior designer can help you make that dream a lot more realistic relative to the actual space you have, and of course, the budget you’re willing to spend on additional repairs and aesthetic improvements.

4. Electrician

The thing about fixer-uppers is that you can never be too sure how up-to-date the wirings are, along with any appliances you may have gotten as part of the deal. A licensed electrician from Birtinya can help you figure out if there’s anything you have to upgrade in your fixer-upper’s wires. Otherwise, there’s no way to know for sure if there are any fire hazards creeping underneath the surface of your new house.

Even if the inspector doesn’t detect any wiring issues on the walk-through, it might be a smart move to upgrade anyway if you bought a house that is more than 10 years old.

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5. Plumber

Plumbing is yet another major consideration to keep in mind when working on your fixer-upper. Surely, you’re going to want to remodel the bathroom in your new home — for many different reasons aside from the fact that it was already somebody else’s bathroom before you arrived.

6. Labor Contractors

Finally, you are going to need an entire fleet of manual labor contractors to implement all the changes you’re planning for the fixer-upper. Again, it’s very important to explore many different options before you start signing contracts. You need contractors that will do a great job and will give you the best value for your money, so make sure you do your research in landing contractors.

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These are just some of the professionals who can help make things easier for you when you’re flipping a fixer-upper. Just make sure you’re not skimping on the right people, otherwise, you might end up having to pay a lot more for your fixer-upper than if you just bought a brand-new home.