Three Tips for Simple Clean Up

Do you ever find yourself continuously scolding your son to go clean his desk? Or nagging your daughter to go put her gel pens in their proper place? Do you always hear your daughter having to grumpily stomp downstairs just to put her writing supplies in your supply cabinet? Or do you always hear the whiny, “Mom, my legs are sore. Can you do it?” or “Dad, you always tell me to clean up. I don’t want to!” If you are tired of this, here are three ways to make clean up easier.

1. Built in storage desks

These handy tables are probably the easiest way for simple clean up. Just stick an organizer in and there’s a supply cabinet in a tight budget. Plus, stray papers, small nick-nacks, and miscellaneous items will all have a proper home, even if they’re just shoved into the desk. In other words, there’s no more whining!

2. Desk organizers

Available at almost any furniture store, these little organizers are small but handy. For instance, they can fit notebooks, pens, erasers, Post-It-Notes, paper clips, etc. These are very helpful when it comes to rushed cleaning. If you want to keep it, put it in here and it’ll give it a nice, organized look.

3. Pegboards

Pegboards are very useful to store pictures, pens, beads, earrings, planners, and just about everything else. Do you have little containers that you can never seem to find a purpose for? Consider using them to put pencils, pens or markers in. If you have pictures from your trip from last summer that have been lying around on your kid’s desk, gathering dust, consider making that your centerpiece of the pegboard. Decide the color of the pegboard is not that great? Paint it! Give it a ultramodern look if you’re not happy with plain white. Soon everyone will soon be begging for advice on which color looks best on their pegboards.

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Ella Graham
I’m a nature person and like to go on long bike rides with my dog, Reanne. I also read 24/7, but in the rare times I’m not, I go on YouTube for some life hacks.