Top Basement Apartment Renovation Ideas You Should Consider

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Renovating the basement into an apartment can be a lifesaver, especially when you need extra space for a live-in relative, to rent it out, or even create your own space for some solo time.

When looking to renovate your basement apartment, you should consider the current trends and designs in the market to make the space modern, classic, and warm.

But why renovate your basement apartment? Below are some reasons why you should consider renovating your basement apartment:

  • It is sitting idle

If you have an idle basement, changing it into an apartment will enable you to rent it out or use it for other purposes.

  • Additional storage space

The basement apartment can be renovated to turn it into additional storage space, decluttering the main house.

  • Cracks on the floor or walls

Cracks can impede any development in the basement and lead to water leaks or faulty wall structure.

  • Unattractive interior design

A renovation will definitely change dull and drab interior spaces to lively modern ones.

  • Increase value

Renovations increase the house’s value, making it fetch a higher market price if you decide to sell it in the future.

Renovation Ideas

Where to begin

The first step in basement apartment renovation is to assess the space and identify what needs to be done. This includes checking put the finished or unfinished spaces, and come up with a list of what to change and purchase. Based on this information, developing a budget is as easy as every essential item for repair has been identified.

The next step is to draw the required design, keeping in mind the recent basement apartment renovations’ recent trends. Adding spaces that weren’t there initially and can fit well into the design is recommended at this point. For instance, incorporating a laundry area with none or installing a wall unit can add extra storage required.

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Choosing the right materials for the renovation, which factor in energy efficiency and functionality, is the next step in ensuring the interior finish comes together. Expert advice from basement contractors on the right materials required for basement renovation is highly recommended to ensure the right fixtures are used.

Trends in basement apartment renovation

There are the latest designs in basement apartment renovations that are trending and suitable for basement apartment renovations:

  • Color and patterns

Bright accent colors can greatly transform a boring, dull space. Playing with mellow yellow and orange undertones on select corners can enhance personality. Neutral wall colors will reflect light from the windows brightening up the room. Mosaic or textured patterns create a

  • Flooring

Basements are prone to water leakage; therefore, getting the right flooring will ensure there is sufficient waterproofing down there. For instance, vinyl or tiles are great floorings for preventing moisture from seeping in from the foundation. Carpeted floors are also great and add warmth to the otherwise cold floors, while engineered hardwood is more resistant to moisture and humidity. Long angular tiles add character to the room, while simple, earthy laminates not only adds warmth but enhances rustic undertones.

  • Ceiling

The ceiling type and design should create an airy and wide interior and create the illusion of space. Adding vertical boards in the space will also enhance the distance between the floor and ceiling.

  • Storage and space

Everyone loves extra storage space; therefore, incorporating large spacious closets is the right choice. Wall shelves and compact cabinets under or above the sink give space to extra toiletries and towels.

  • Furnishing
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Minimalistic furnishing can go a long way in creating the illusion of space in an otherwise cramped up basement. Adding accent chairs, decorative flower pots, a vintage fireplace, or a classic chandelier or centerpieces in the entryway will create a structured, modern finish.

The average price of a basement apartment renovation is around $4200 to $50,000, depending on the design layout and additives. For instance, an additional kitchenette or closet space will bump up the cost.

Renovation Ideas

When opting for a basement contractor, it is best to consider one with a few years in experience and certified as a licensed contractor. Setting a reasonable time frame with the contractor minimizes the chance for disappointment in case of any last-minute repairs. A credible contractor will know the right products to use and how to fit them to ensure maximum use. Comparing different quotes from a selection of contractors will help make the right decision according to the budget at hand.

Things to consider

Checking the city’s regulations to meet the criteria needed for a basement apartment before renovation will prevent future problems and ensure the renovations are according to the law.

An exit dependent on the main basement apartment entrance is advisable for convenience to incur the apartment becomes a rental and a fire safety hazard.

Ensure mechanical systems aren’t completely sealed off or blocked in case of maintenance and repair issues.