Tips for Mixing and Matching Decorating Styles

Tips for Mixing and Matching Decorating Styles

When you’re looking for home décor, there are so many different styles to choose from that it’s hard to pick just one! Fortunately, it’s not difficult to blend two or more different styles in one home. Whether you long to add a modern flair to your classically styled home or add some farmhouse elements to your traditional home, these tips for mixing and matching decorating styles will teach you how.

Work With a Small Color Palette

Even if two decorations or pieces of furniture are entirely different styles, they’ll still go together if they’re part of the same color palette. Choose a few different colors (either neutral ones or shades all in the same color family), and base your decoration around those. The similar colors will help the pieces look more unified and contribute to your room’s overall design.

Include Unifying Elements

When decorating using different styles, try to include unifying elements throughout each room. In addition to picking items from the same color palette, try choosing a unifying pattern, wood type, or grain. Mixing and matching wood finishes is a reliable way to vary the look of your décor while keeping the room unified. Even if one piece has a modern style and the other a traditional one, they’ll match because of the one element that unites the two.

Match Items With One Other in the Room

In a room that features pieces from differing design styles, every piece should have at least one “companion” with which it shares some element of its design, such as the color, style, finish, or pattern. That way, no single piece will feel out of place in the room, as at least one other piece will always match.

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Try the 80/20 Rule

Here’s a tried-and-true tip for mixing and matching decorating styles: Use the 80/20 rule. If you have two styles that you just love and want to combine in your home, pick one to be dominant and decorate 80% of your room or home accordingly. Then, pick another accenting design and decorate the remaining 20% in that style. The room will look put together, as it will mostly be decorated in one style, but your space will still look unique due to the accent pieces that you’ve added from another design.