The Beginner’s Guide to Bohemian Home Décor

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With the new year nearly upon us, it’s time to embrace new design trends. 2021 is pivoting towards the exotic Bohemian style as a response to the minimalist movement of the past decade.

Bohemian interior décor is interspersed with earth-tone palettes, floral motifs, eclectic furniture, and a good dose of indoor plants. If you’re unsure about how to get started, our step-by-step approach to bohemian home décor will help you kick things off.

1. Use Wall Tapestries to Set the Tone for the Boho Style

Tapestries will always help you pull off the laid-back bohemian style, especially if you hang them in your bedroom. They work especially well when you don’t have a headboard.

Home Décor

Tapestries are made by weaving colored weft threads through plain warp threads, acting as a grid for artists to create unique patterns. Most tapestries feature stunning geometrical artwork that blends traditional influences from Moroccan heirlooms and modern abstract art.

Given their versatile nature, tapestries can let you express your carefree and distinct sense of style. So if you’re deep into boho home décor and want to make an artistic statement, tapestry designs will make perfect additions to your room.

Home Décor

You could also hang one on the wall over your work desk and they’ll still look fab! Tapestries are great when paired up with minimalist rooms, especially if the walls have bland neutral colors and need some pizzazz.

Check out some chic tapestry designs on Etsy.

2. Introduce Indoor Plants to Achieve a Natural Look

Boho style or not, plants will always be the de facto choice for anyone committed to a healthier lifestyle. Beyond just freshening up the room, indoor plants improve air quality and even reduce stress.

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Don’t want the added responsibility for looking after the plants? You can just get artificial plants instead – the mere sight of green will be super refreshing and will elevate your mood.

Hanging plants, in particular, look great in the boho setting.

Home Décor

A macramé plant hanger with a low maintenance snake plant will tie other design elements together and really steal the show! Also, hanging plants are a great choice if you’re stretched thin for space but still want that extra pop of greenery in your room.

3. Add Layers of Textures (but avoid the clutter!)

Lots of layering require lots of pieces but that can be a daunting task. The good news is that the boho space can be successfully layered and feel comfortable without a lot of ‘stuff’ in there.

This could translate into fuzzy rugs to keep your feet warm in the living room, wall art that mesmerizes you, a side table for added functionality, and indoor plants for a touch of nature.

Home Décor

Spice things up by tossing in some artsy throw pillows and stacking them on your couch. Start by bringing in a variety of items into the space you are trying to decorate. Try moving them around, and playing with different shapes and items until it feels just right.

Even though the boho style leans towards maximalism, it can be incorporated into a more minimalist setting. So if it looks too forced, you can always tone it down a little.

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Home Décor

Caution: It is worth pointing out that adding layers does not give you an excuse to bring clutter into your room! So be careful.

4. Low Seating to Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

Low seating is the ideal way of replicating the boho-chic style because it taps into the philosophy of kicking back and relaxing!

Feel free to toss in some floor pillows, soft ottomans, poufs, and fluffy bean bags as they invite you and your guests to sit down and relax a bit. You can find some gorgeous ottomans on Etsy to invite the quintessential bohemian style into your home.

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Poufs are cube-shaped or low round upholstered stools, often without legs. Some of them also double as an extra coffee table or a footrest – there really is no end to their functionality. They’re also available in a variety of designs and finishings that you can use for your room.

For the boho theme, choose these handmade macramé floor pillows.

Recommended accessories: Ottomans and Floor Mattresses

If you want your floor seating to be a bit more sturdy, consider adding an ottoman. They are upholstered and round, and usually have legs but no backrest. Ottomans can be used as footrests, although they can double as a seat or an eclectic accent piece.

Home Décor

For an informal feel in your room, consider adding a mattress on the floor. This mattress will make the space more fun and inviting and can be repurposed as a bed or seating. You can opt for various sizes of mattresses, depending on the availability of space.

Place comfy throw pillows next to it for a more complete bohemian-inspired look.

5. Interior Lighting: Mix and Match Different Sources

Interior lighting is an essential, but often overlooked, element of the boho style.

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Take a layered approach by adding different sources of light across different levels to create ambiance and visual interest in your room. The purpose of lighting is to integrate an abundance of pattern, color, and approachability.Don’t be afraid to mix and match with different ideas. However, if you’re at a loss for ideas, try these light fixtures to get started on the right foot.

Home Décor

Cantilever Lighting

Cantilever lighting lets you tap into an antique mood while adding functionality to your room. They utilize angular styles that have an architectural charm and are fully adjustable, so you can direct light exactly where you need it. For best results, introduce aged brass designs for a more traditional look.

This cantilever floor lamp perfectly fits the bill.

Home Décor

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are suspected from the ceiling by a cord. They’re less bulky than chandeliers and come in more diverse architectural designs. They can be utilized in one of two ways – in clusters, hung in a decorative series, or as stand-alone light fixtures that serve as a statement piece.

Pendants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but we found woven pendant lamps ideal for any room. Here are some ideas for your home.

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Home Décor

Candlestick Lighting

Antique and slim, candlestick lighting offers a vintage look with finesse. As the name suggests, they take up after the look of traditional candlesticks and feature metal bases topped with elegant silk shades. Candlestick lightings work best in a living room, decorative bedroom, or hallway.

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6. Layering Rugs

If you’re a non-conformist who enjoys eclectic décor with the laid-back sensibility of bohemian home décor fashion, then layering different kinds of rugs might be right up your alley.

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Try to create a stunning combo of rugs that can add textures to your floor and transform the feeling of your room. One option is to layer a brightly patterned area rug over a sisal rug. Or try to layer rugs with the same color patterns.

The trick is to create harmony with the rest of your room. If done right, rugs can make a statement by adding an element of surprise. And if you really want to be brave, you can use all kinds of patterns to create a visual field that doesn’t feel quite as intrusive (unlike wall art).

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Overall, rugs can add a great sense of character and personality.

Pro tip: Before choosing a rug, look toward other elements of your design scheme, such as the color. For best results, find a rug that has an element of your design scheme for a more cohesive look into your boho room.

7. Add Wallpaper to Create More Drama

Wallpapers allow you to add more than one focal point in your room. Different decorative materials and artwork can be used to create a simple change or a big impact. More importantly, wallpapers are a more cost-efficient way of changing your interior without committing too much.

Home Décor

Home Décor

Manufacturers have been developing stunning motifs that imitate nature and the great outdoors, all of which can look stunning in almost any setting, especially the boho style.

Pro tip: We always recommend buying a wallpaper swatch to help visualize how it will fit in your room. For the boho style, go with unique floral prints and patterns since they bring life and great design to any space.

8. Handcrafted Furniture to Add More Personality

Whether its an accent chair, an end table, or just a vintage tray, adding something crafted will infuse character into your room. For this step, going with handcrafted furniture is really going to step things up.

Home Décor

The best places to search for such furniture is in thrift stores. Look for pieces that are made out of wood, jute, and other natural materials.

9. Something Bright to Make a Statement

This can be a green-hued chair in the corner, a bright yellow feature wall, a gorgeous floral print – you name it!

Home Décor

Even better if the item is a little rough around the edges.

The bohemian home décor look thrives on those little imperfections that can make everyone feel more relaxed and at ease. Ideally, you want to find a sweet vintage piece and give it paint of color that you love.

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10. Optional: Scent is Essential to Boho Décor

If you think about it, the scent has the power to set the tone for the room’s overall ambiance and mood.

Much like wearing perfume, having a room that smells great will improve the air quality and make for a pleasant experience.

Home Décor

It’s difficult to give recommendations on any particular scent since it can be very subjective. With that said, there are many ways of incorporating wonderful scents into your room, whether it’s via essential oils, incense, or scented candles.

The choices of experimenting with scents are endless. So let your creativity go wild and find what aligns with your personality.

11. Add Accessories That Are Unique To You

This piece of advice cannot be stressed enough – and it is applicable to just about every style, including the boho look.

You should add accessories that are unique to you.

Home Décor

These items tell a story about you and your inner feelings. They could be special artifacts you picked up along your journeys as a brief reminder of your voyages. If you’re into art, find something that adds the perfect splash of color.

Or if you’re a fan of comic books, then buy figurines of your favorite superheroes. These items will serve as great conversation starters and you’ll realize that you have a lot to say, after all, they are a part of your story.

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Think of ways they could be practical as well. You could display a collection of unique mugs in your glass cabinet, or mix your favorite books with family photos on an open bookshelf. Pretty hats can be hung on hooks and ready when you need them.

Pro tip: These items should be added sparingly, but with purpose. As a general rule, if you feel it doesn’t serve a purpose, it probably doesn’t belong in the Boho look.

It’s a Wrap!

What makes Bohemian home décor so inspirational is that it focuses on natural elements while drawing out your individuality. The style has been an inspiration to many individuals who have embraced the creative side of their personality, as well as those who have a unique appreciation for beauty, creativity, and expression.

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Creating a textured, bohemian interior décor takes a bit of trial and error. But it’s well worth the effort!

You will have to try new things and experiment with them before you find the winning combination. The boho look is never a one-size-fits-all look; however, you can really find all kinds of handcrafted items that can help you achieve it with relative ease. You can find many of them on Etsy and Wayfair.

As we leave behind minimalism, bohemian home decor is the perfect way of adding more visual interest and textures to your room. Search for vintage and geometric accessories, and don’t be afraid to experiment with something a little more unconventional.

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