Top Simple Home Improvement Trends For 2020

Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

When people think about home improvement, many of them shake their heads at the cost. Fortunately, trends are moving away from the ultra-luxury home improvements of the past. Gone are the massive renovations that dominated earlier years. Instead, many favor simple improvements that can make their lives easier while increasing their homes’ value.

The top trends in 2020 are not about massive projects that take weeks and involve professionals. No, 2020 home improvements are all about “do it yourself” projects and improving quality and functionality.

Changing Handles

One improvement that has stood the test of time is changing out handles around your home. The act of changing your front door handle and painting can give your entryway a whole new look. This particular improvement is cost-effective and very simple to do yourself. While you are changing the handles, add a doorbell, knocker, or nameplate to increase your entryway’s charm and warmth.

Another extremely popular handle change is changing out hardware on cabinets. Getting rid of the dated hardware can give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look without a high price tag.

Creating Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor areas are becoming increasingly more advanced. While some may be content with new patio furniture, an emerging trend is to give your outdoor living space indoor features. Outdoor kitchens and bathrooms are an excellent idea for those who spend more time in the backyard than they do their livingroom. Some even go as far as adding heated living spaces to their patio so they can enjoy it all year.

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Smart Home Technology

Although slightly more expensive than some on this list, smart homes are another growing trend. Turning your home into a smart home isn’t as costly as you might think. Smart home system prices are dropping dramatically, and some do not even require anything more than a hub connected to wi-fi that can be controlled through your smartphone and your computer. You can install a smart doorbell yourself, download the app, and you have a video system waiting to go.

Another smart home upgrade is accomplished through inexpensive devices plugged into a normal wall socket. These devices allow you to control anything plugged into it with your voice or cell phone. There are even plug adaptors that allow you to centralize all of your home functions through your wi-fi router and to your computer.

Energy Efficiency

A much-needed trend is a move towards energy efficiency. You can replace your old thermostat with a new time-controlled electronic one to improve your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. This slight change can save you hundreds on your electric bill. Not only does making energy-efficient improvements save you money, but they also improve the value and resale appeal of your home.

More people are also moving to solar energy for appliances that use heaters such as dryers and water heaters. This push towards solar energy is again not as expensive as it sounds. Going solar saves money over time, and most states offer a solar tax rebate.

Fresh Paint

Fresh neutral paint is another improvement that is trending. Although bright accent walls are startling, they should only be used if you need to broaden a room. Dark tones are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Sticking with neutral light colors also allows for an easy change if you decide you don’t like the color. As far a resale, it is always best to keep things neutral to let your buyer decide what colors they want.

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Bathroom Upgrades

A bathroom upgrade does not have to cost a fortune. Changing your sink and fixtures to a different style can help. High polished chrome and other hard to clean styles have given way to brushed chrome and copper. These are easier to keep clean and give your bathroom a more classic look. You can find a style to match any existing bathroom decor. The trick to changing just a few fixtures is to match it to the existing tub or vanity. Suppose you have a modern tub or shower stick with modern-looking sinks and fixtures. If your style is more rustic, then choose rustic or country fixtures.

You can also purchase matching towel racks, towel warmers, and other small luxuries with your fixtures. These are easy to put up and can tie a bathroom together.

You can do the same with your bathroom flooring. Most modern flooring like vinyl plank and tile is waterproof. This makes them perfect for the humid environment in your average bathroom. The vinyl tiles and vinyl planks are a cost-effective way to recover your bathroom floor. Both are also easy to install.

The home design trends are leaning towards sleek and easy rather than costly and time-consuming. A few easy changes can make a drastic improvement. Remember, each simple upgrade you make increases your comfort and improves the value of your home.