Shabby Chic Style: What It Is and How To Create It

Shabby Chic Style: What It Is and How To Create It

For those of us who dream of a countryside cottage adorned with English gardens or a farmhouse dripping with history and weathered cabinets, shabby chic is a phrase we know well. The beauty of the shabby chic style is its ability to make any space look inviting, no matter where you live. If you believe comfort comes in soft colors, cabbage roses, and furniture that looks better with age, stick with us as we discuss shabby chic style and how to create it.

White and Then Some More White

The canvas for any shabby chic style is white paint. Any soft color on the walls will do, but a clean white is an excellent choice. For shabby chic style, use white on walls, trim, doors, and furniture. It softens everything and allows your prized pieces that aren’t white to stand out.

Window Coverings

Many people forget about this area when redesigning a room. Window coverings make a huge impact, so it’s important to include them in your new style. For shabby chic style, dark and heavy drapes are not welcome. Try these ideas instead.


Opt for something unique and pretty, such as interior shutters. They instantly exude a cottage or farmhouse vibe, which suits shabby chic well. Not only are shutters adorable, but they’re functional as well. With the right hardware installed, shutters offer quick privacy when closed and plenty of natural light when open.

Sheer Curtains

Can’t you see it now? Light, sheer curtains on a spring day with a gentle breeze blowing? We love sheer curtains because they don’t suffocate the window, allowing just enough sunshine in. If privacy is a big concern, consider roller shades underneath.

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Weathered Furniture

Hello, flea markets! They’re a great place to find weathered, old furniture. If you aren’t sure if some things truly get better with age, the shabby chic style will prove that they do.

The great thing is that you can easily transform any piece, new or old, back to another era. Here’s how:

  • Sand the piece of furniture to remove any shine. Shabby doesn’t shine.
  • Paint the entire piece in a color that will peek through another coat of paint. Black is a popular choice. Use two coats of low- to no-gloss paint (chalk paint is perfect), then allow it to dry.
  • Cover the entire painted piece in white. When dry, sand just the areas that might wear with age, such as the edges. Sand lightly so that the base color peeks through.
  • Seal with wax or any sealer designed for furniture.

Flowers Everywhere

We are so thankful that there is a style out there that begs for fully bloomed pink and white roses. Fresh in a vase is fabulous but not always possible. Artificial roses that look real, tucked in corners here and there, work just as well. Oil paintings and old prints of overflowing baskets full of flowers are the perfect accents in a shabby chic room.

We hope our tips for how to create a shabby chic style put you in the mood and release your inner feminine goddess. The key to shabby chic style is everything soft and comfortable. You’ll find it naturally welcoming with its aged and warm look.

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