Remodeling Tips To Brighten Your Home

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

After a long, gray winter, making some changes in our homes can lift our spirits as spring approaches. Using some simple remodeling tips to brighten your home will make every day a sunny one.


Paint is a bit of an old standby—and for a good reason. It can completely change the mood of a room in just one day with little cost. To brighten any room, choose light colors. Try samples first, and check out each one at different times of the day to see how they look as the light changes from morning to evening.

Glass and Mirrors

Glass tables are incredibly discreet, which can help brighten up a room, especially a smaller one. Remove unnecessary clutter, allowing the glass table to shine quietly on its own. Mirrors on the wall or propped in a corner instantly brighten a room as they reflect any natural or artificial light sources.


Dated, dark appliances in the kitchen can leave the room feeling not so cheery. Choosing lighter appliances gives you an instant update and a brighter kitchen. You might also consider an entire kitchen makeover, including counters and cabinets, if it is all in dire need of a facelift.

Window Treatments

The dark, long drapes may have seemed cozy for a few years, but to brighten up your home, they need to come down. Decide how much privacy you need when choosing window treatments, and then go as light as you can to accommodate. Often, depending on the home’s layout, some of the windows may not need treatments at all, which brings abundant light into the room. Use window valances or skip covering the windows entirely if you are able. If coverings are absolutely necessary, consider other options beyond curtains, such as blinds or shutters.

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Flowers are available year-round from florists, so you don’t need to wait for the warm weather to decorate with flowers in your home. Show yourself some love with a vase full of fresh flowers here and there. Tulips, carnations, or any flower mix adds instant cheer and sunshine to a room.

Enjoy these remodeling tips to brighten your home, as well as any other creative ideas you come up with, and watch your home gradually transform into a welcoming, bright place to be.