Maximizing a Room for More Than One Function

In this day and age of expensive real estate, floor space is a prime commodity. It’s more difficult now more than ever to get enough space especially for families with children and pets. That’s why it’s good to be innovative when looking at a space or an empty room in the home and ask yourself: “How can I make good use of all this space?

1. A Second Home

The pride of a home is in its ability to welcome guests and give them solace for a time but what good is a guest room when you’re losing another important room?

murphy bed in home office-turned-guest bedroom
Image by morespaceplacenashville on Flickr

Thanks to the space-saving murphy bed, it’s now possible for a guest room to double as a home office.

home office with hidden murphy bed
Image by morespaceplacenashville on Flickr

If you don’t have a spare room to allot, you can have a murphy bed tucked away right in the middle of the .

studio turned guest bedroom
Image by casablancabeachpad on Flickr

Or you can have it all set up in the .

breakfast nook with hidden murphy bed
Image by casablancabeachpad on Flickr

2. Play and Rest

It’s important to give children their room to play and make good use of their imagination while also encouraging rest and relaxation.

child's bedroom with murphy bed
Image by John Hobbs on Flickr

A murphy bed works well in clearing up the floor space to convert the bedroom into a playroom.

Child's playroom with hidden murphy bed
Image by John Hobbs on Flickr

The play and rest idea also works even if you have a teenager in the house.

Teenager music lover's room with murphy bed
Image by John Hobbs on Flickr

This rooms combines all the necessities of a young adult: sleep, school and music!

Teenager music lover's room with hidden murphy bed
Image by John Hobbs on Flickr

3. Utilizing the Utilities Room

If all you have is a laundry room to make good use of, don’t worry! A laundry room can double as a spare room for guests as well as a sewing room or even just a lounge area while you sort and fold the laundry!

laundry and sewing room with daybed for guests
Image by walls auto on Flickr

4. Play, rest and play again!

What’s better than a mancave? A game room/guest room/viewing room! A foosball table, an arcade game or two and a sofa bed are just some of the few things you’ll need for a truly entertaining guest bedroom.

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Game room doubling as a guest room
Image by Gramophone Maryland on Flickr

5. Take it outside

The balcony is often reserved for plants or clotheslines especially for rental apartments and condos. But if you really want to make good use of your limited outdoor space, you can get a foldaway table to use as your occasional work desk.

Macbook on fold-down table in balcony
Image by Bexi on Flickr

If you love entertaining on occasion, consider turning your balcony into your very own entertainment/breakfast nook with a bar cart and other essentials.

balcony turned entertainment area
Image by Hannele K on Flickr


Murphy and sofa beds aside, here are more space-saving furniture to make your space easily-convertible!

1. Secretary Desks

secretary desk with the top shut and opened
Image by emandwitdesign on Flickr

These elegant-looking writing desks are as highly-functional as they are aesthetically-pleasing. They help hide your messy worktop and supplies when you’re entertaining.

Custom desks can also be built for the same function – with a modern twist, of course.

Desk with a worktop that can be folded up
Image by Simon Woehrer on Unsplash

2. Bunk Beds, Trundle Beds and Clever Storage

You can indulge your child’s love of sleepovers and pajama parties with modular furniture that involve beds that tuck into raised platforms, leaving space for dress-up and rambunctious play times.

Kids' room with trundle beds
Image by Linn Yeung on Flickr

Or you can take your cue from the Japanese and the ancient of the kaidan dansu like bunk beds that have cleverly-hidden storage spaces for clothes, toys, and gizmos.

bunk beds with storage in the steps
Image by Brian’s Furniture on Flickr

3. Expandable Tables

Whether you have limited space in your home office or dining room, these genius tables fold and unfold to allow for more people to gather around.

Expandable dining table
Image by All Day Kenny K on Flickr

Thanks to innovative furniture designers, writing desks have become more adaptive as well, with halves that can be folded down to the desk itself can be tucked away into an odd corner when not in use.

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expandable dining table with foldable panels
Image by 20thCenturymod on Flickr

Creating a multifunctional room in the home can be easier than you first thought. All you need is a lot of patience and time in hunting the perfect pieces of furniture to fit your needs. Some creative planning and clever arrangements and you can double the size of your living space in no time at all!

Ava Moore
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