Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Garage

Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Garage

The often becomes a catch-all where dirty, dusty, and dangerous items that don’t belong inside a house accumulate. While that is certainly one way to use a garage, you could also make it a much more fun and functional space. Here are a few fun ideas for decorating your garage.

Make a Mudroom

Whether you spend a lot of time outside or have a house full of rambunctious children, you need a mudroom. This designated area for dirty clothes, shoes, and tools is the perfect addition to your home. You may not have space inside your house to build a mudroom, so turn a corner of your garage into one. With a cabinet for daily items like backpacks, tennis rackets, and outside shoes, you can keep the rest of your house clean and uncluttered.

Add Storage Shelves

Much like decorating the other rooms in your house, you can redecorate your garage with storage solutions. Shelving is a must-have in almost every room, but especially in your garage. If you don’t already have a nice set of built-in shelves, you should add them and maximize your space. Storage shelves give you the opportunity to put away power tools and other materials that otherwise gather in a pile. Shelves also provide ample room for decorative touches like , family pictures, and little mementos.

Change Up Your Flooring

Garage floors are known for their durability and slipperiness. If you want to change that narrative, you should resurface your concrete garage floor. There are dozens of options to choose from, including concrete stain and paint. If you want to alter the texture of your garage surface, you can add new layers with tiny chips that create more traction.

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Remember these fun ideas for decorating your garage as you redesign your space. The most important part of the process is to stay true to your theme and make your garage a continuation of the rest of your home.