5 Great Ideas for Your Spare Room 

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Lucky enough to have a spare room in your home? Don’t let it go to waste! Many people end up using it as a place to store excess junk and furniture, completely missing the opportunity to turn it into a haven of hobbies and relaxation.

If you’re currently using your spare room as a glorified cupboard or an unused guest bedroom, read on for our top five ideas for getting the most out of it.

Music Room

Got any musicians in the family? A music room is a must. They’ll have their own designated space to be creative, record tunes, and practice (you might want to soundproof it!).

If you’re tired of tripping over cables and amplifiers, your spare room is the perfect place to hide it all away. It would also be a great space to display your best drum kits, guitars, and vinyl records. Put a sofa in there for comfy jamming sessions.

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Arts & Crafts Studio

Painting, knitting, and even sculpting are all great crafts to learn and help you unwind after a long day. If you’re an artist, you know that having your own quiet space is key to producing great work. You also know how messy all of your pencils, canvases, paints, and brushes can get strewn around the house!

Clearing out your spare room to make into a studio is perfect for storing all your supplies and positioning your easel by the window.

Pet Bedroom

Tired of your dog taking up your bed at night? Train them to sleep in their own bedroom. This means you’ll all get a restful night’s sleep, and your best furniture won’t get covered in pet hair.

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A pet room is also a great idea for cats — you can add climbing apparatus and scratch posts — and for house bunnies to get some exercise too. All of their toys can be designated to one room rather than the entire house.

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Those of us who love reading have always dreamed of having a home library, complete with comfy seats and warm lighting. A spare room is a perfect place for this.

Simply put up some shelving units, bring in your squishiest armchair, light some candles, and enjoy cozy nights in your very own library curated by you!

Home Office

Working from home can be a drag without a — working in your bedroom can feel like you’re confined to one room all day long. Putting your desk and an office chair in your living room can also mess up your decor and invade your relaxation space.

For freelancers or home workers, having an office is key to keeping your home’s zones separate. If you have somewhere you can tuck away your work and close the door after you clock out, you should do it! You can then take work calls without the sound of screaming children in the background, dogs barking, and other daily household chaos.

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Bottom Line

So many of us are guilty of not using our houses’ spare rooms to their full potential. They easily become full of old pots and pans, bedding, suitcases, and boxes of holiday decorations. However, all the junk into the loft, basement, or is a far better place to store it all so that your room can be made into something wonderful that the whole family will enjoy.

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We hope this article has given you a few ideas as to what to do with your spare space. Have a big clear out and decide what to do today!