Your Guide to Selecting the Best Extendable Dining Table

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Extendable dining tables have increasingly become popular as the ultimate problem solver for many dining spaces. An extendable dining table provides the best of both worlds as it is small in its compact form but can be extended to accommodate more chairs and guests as need be.

Many homeowners have managed to maximize their dining spaces through extendable dining tables. That means you don’t have to worry about space limitations, or you are not limited to the number of dining guests you can have over at a particular time. But you should be keen when selecting your extendable dining table to get the most out of your space. Check out these tips for choosing an extendable dining table.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Think about the dining space you have

Before you head to the market to buy an extendable dining table, think about the dining space available and how you want to utilize it. Measure your dining space first and shop armed with the measurements. Remember to leave enough room for extending the table and accommodating extra chairs whenever you need to host guests. You want to avoid an event whereby you don’t have enough space in your dining area to extend the table. Thankfully you can always extend your dining table in your backyard when hosting more guests.

How many chairs can you afford to place in your dining area?

Like the other dining tables, an extendable dining table comes with the option of the number of chairs you can place around it. So you need to select the number of chairs that will fit nicely around your extendable dining table while leaving enough space for moving around the area.

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Consider the size of the dining table.

When choosing an extendable dining table, there are two primary things to consider: the basic size, which is the size of the dining table in its compact form, and the maximum size, which is the size of the dining table when extended. The maximum size is your table’s largest size and the number of chairs it can accommodate. Of course, the size depends on your family’s needs.

The shape of the dining table

The shape of the dining table also depends on your personal preferences. However, it is crucial to think about the space you have. Circular and square extendable dining tables fit well in small spaces, while rectangular ones are well suited for larger dining spaces.

Consider the material

You must consider the wood type when choosing an extendable dining table. Keep in mind that the cheaper the wood, the less the likelihood of giving you quality service. Hardwoods are slightly expensive but are usually worth it in the long run. Compare the grain, color, and different finishes to choose an extendable dining table that will serve you for many years to come.

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Think about the extendability mechanism

Think about the extendability mechanism of the dining table. Ensure the extendability mechanism is easy to operate within a few seconds or minutes. Also, some extendable dining tables will feature extra center support or drop-down legs depending on how long it extends. Ideally, if you would like an extendable dining table that can seat up to 14people in its maximum size, then it doesn’t work to choose a small round table for two as the basic size.

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Some extendable dining tables come with extendable panels as extra pieces that you add on when needed. That means you have to store the boards somewhere when not in use. Think about your space needs and determine if you have the extra space for storage. Choose your extendable dining table depending on what works for you in terms of storage and customization.

Do not ignore your dining needs

Do not ignore your dining needs when choosing an extendable dining table. Apart from the design and style, the dining table should meet your family’s dining needs. Whether you choose a hardwood, glass, or metal dining table, it is upon you to maintain it. In the end, the aim is for the dining table to serve your purpose while simplifying your life.


Ensure you buy your extendable dining table from a reputable manufacturer. You want a table that will serve you well for many years to come offering you good value for your investment.