Unconventional Door Ideas for Your Home

Image from LoveProperty

Using unconventional door ideas for your home will give your home a unique sense of style that other homes don’t have. Whether you enjoy the latest trends in home design or something a bit more classic, there is always room for a fun door.

Salvaged Doors

You don’t have to have a vintage-style home to enjoy the look of a salvaged door covered in chipped paint or refinished in a beautiful stain. Old doors still wearing their chic patina instantly give any room a casual, creative vibe. Mixing modern elements with an unexpected vintage door can’t help but look daring and fun. Expect your salvaged door to be a constant conversation starter when guests come over.

Barn Doors

Barn doors have gained great popularity thanks to their rustic feeling and ease of use. But barn doors don’t have to look like they came from a barn. They’re available in all styles and have one thing in common—they slide on a track using barn door hardware rather than opening and closing with hinges.


Avoid a door altogether by separating an area in your home with fun curtains instead of a door. If you use a tension rod, there isn’t a need for any hardware at all.

Get creative with curtains by sewing them, having them custom-made, or buying some ready-made.

Hidden Doors

Picture a with an unnoticeable doorknob. No one knows it is there until you show them how the door opens. How fun is that?

This type of door takes some creative planning and designing, but it can be done. A door with built-in bookshelves makes for great storage and simply looks like a bookshelf. You can also cover a door with artwork, making it look like a large canvas rather than a door.

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Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a classic and bring us feelings of nostalgia. Their charm dates back to the 1850s, but they can still be built brand new today. Pocket doors are fabulous for areas where there is a need to sometimes have no door at all, as it conveniently slides into the door jamb or wall.

Consider these unconventional door ideas for your home and start expressing yourself using each room as your canvas.