Transform Your Home with Exterior Design

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The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior when it comes to design. By enhancing the aesthetic of your property, you can increase its curb appeal and create your dream home. Although you may spend more time inside than outside your property, there’s no doubt that a spectacular frontage can increase the enjoyment you get from your home.

If you’re eager to enhance your property, take a look at these top tips for transforming your home with exterior design:

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1. Complement the Style of the Property

Some properties are more suited to traditional designs, whereas others are perfectly designed for contemporary styling. By using the features and style of the property as the basis for your exterior design, you can ensure the finished product is a seamless aesthetic.

2. Replace the Roof

Most homeowners only consider replacing the roof of their property if it’s damaged or in need of major repairs. However, choosing different materials and replacing the roof can be a highly effective way of transforming your property and for this you need to hire a professional roofer of Evanston. Switching from asphalt shingles to wood shakes can add a traditional feel to your home, for example. Alternatively, metal roofs or solar glass tiles can be a great option for modern properties, particularly if you want to increase the durability or functionality of your roof.

3. Fit New Siding

The siding on your home is arguably its most distinctive feature, which means it has a major impact on your property’s appearance. When you fit new siding, you can modify the color, style, and even the character of your property. With vinyl, wood, fiber cement, steel, stucco, and synthetic stone sidings to consider, there are endless finishes to choose from. However, finding the right siding for your property is about more than simply how it looks. To find the right material for your property, take a look at this handy blog post and start choosing home siding now.

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4. Illuminate the Frontage

Outdoor lighting is a great way to transform the exterior of your home, particularly if you use a range of lights to create a layered effect. Soft wall lights situated on either side of the front door create a warm, welcoming entranceway, for example, while lanterns or globe lights can illuminate pathways and driveways. Combine these with spotlights or uplighters to show off the main features of your property and your home will look stunning at any time of the day.

5. Hang a New Front Door

When you pass through your front door numerous times a day, it’s easy to overlook any signs of wear and tear. A new front door can be the perfect addition to the exterior of your property. As well as improving your home security and increasing the energy efficiency of your property, a new front door can transform how your home looks and feels.

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal Now

Using exterior design to transform your home is a great way to enhance your property but it does more than simply improve the aesthetic of your residence. With a new exterior design, you can add value to your home and maximize the return you’ll get on your investment if you ever decide to sell the property.