The Many Uses Of Dresser Mirrors

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When you’re designing your bedroom, your main focuses are the bed and the dresser. Of course, comfort and storage are the first things on your mind; what else should you be concerned about in the bedroom? You can’t relax if your things are all over the floor, no matter how comfortable the mattress is. But, there’s another piece you can add to the equation to turn the bedroom into a complete oasis: a simple dresser mirror.

The mirror automatically changes the atmosphere to light and airy, a perfect setting for relaxation. There are many different styles of mirrors, making choosing just one a challenge. However, we’ll cover some tips in this article to make sure you go home with the right mirror for your dresser.

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First, let’s consider the mirror’s shape. It should complement the other furniture in the space. A square or rectangular mirror is the best choice if you have furniture with clean, sharp lines and hard angles. If your furniture is a bit curvier, a round, oval, or curvy mirror is a good fit for the overall design.

To really make the mirror its own piece find one with a bold and vibrant frame. The texture and color should still complement the dresser, but the mirror will be the star of the show. It’s the perfect way to express your style since the frames come in various designs. Gold and silver frames are popular choices and add a touch of glam to the mirrors dresser.

Image from West Elm

You can also choose a frame color in sharp but beautiful contrast to the dresser’s color. A black dresser with a mirror framed in a bold red looks great in a room with that palette. Or black and white are two commonly used contrasts in interior designs. A framed mirror gives you plenty of options to experiment with.

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If you don’t like classic plain metal mirrors, you may opt for a vintage or wicker style mirror. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to styling your bedroom. Even an old dresser can be revived and look glam by just adding a mirror.

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To keep the area balanced, you don’t want a mirror wider or taller than the dresser. The rule is always to choose a mirror smaller than the dresser, the ideal would be 1/3 to 2/3 the size of the dresser, depends if you want it to be your rooms’ focal point. To avoid making an error, take measurements and stick to them if you’re mounting the mirror on the dresser. If you’re mounting the mirror above the dresser’s wall, you have a little more wiggle room to play with size, but never break the rule.

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And who said you could only use one mirror? It’s okay to inject some creativity and personal style into the design. If you’re not really using the mirror to evaluate your looks, then you can get multiple tinier mirrors to decorate the wall – an art deco mirror or mirror tiles would add a statement to your bedroom. You don’t want to leave the space above the dresser empty as the room will feel a bit disjointed. Adding a statement piece dresser mirror is a simple way to redo your bedroom.  Lining two medium-sized or three to four smaller mirrors can completely change the room’s look.

The mirrors will reflect the natural sunlight and make the room feel bigger when positioned correctly. The light bouncing around the space just makes the day better. So don’t wait; add a mirror to your dresser and enjoy the change in atmosphere.

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