Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

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The rustic farmhouse bathroom helps bring a touch of the countryside into your home. Whether you live by the sea, in the city or actually in the country, this style adds a touch of class with genuine personality.

We have all seen farmhouse kitchens and dining rooms, but the rustic farmhouse bathroom is something different.

It’s an opportunity to express yourself and level up the smallest room in the house while enjoying a brand new look.

What’s more, the rustic farmhouse bathroom can be relatively cheap to achieve, which is another reason to try it.

So, without further delay, let’s get to those rustic farmhouse bathroom ideas!

Wood floors

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A wood floor just shouts rustic. That’s even more true if you use old or reclaimed floorboards or clean up your existing ones. There’s something warm and inviting about wood and using it on the floor introduces colour and texture as well as looking rustic.

Wood floors are also timeless. Even when tastes change and you want to move on from the farmhouse look, a good quality wood floor will still look amazing.

Tiled floors

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There is something about quarry tiles or even stone tiles that also shouts rustic farmhouse.

It won’t always be possible to have them in upstairs bathrooms, but if it’s possible, or you have a downstairs bathroom, this is another great option.

Tiled floors are a farmhouse classic and timeless too. They do take time and effort to lay but will last generations if you want them to.

Recycled or repurposed furniture

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Recycled or repurposed furniture feeds into the rustic look while also being sustainable.

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Think reclaimed soap boxes or lemonade boxes for shelves, repurposed school desks for bathroom storage, an old apothecary cabinet for medicines and so on.

There is almost limitless potential for taking something old and giving it a new life in a bathroom. Often with minimal effort.

Showstopping bath

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Using a showstopping bath as your statement piece is a pure winner. Think roll top bath, copper freestanding bath or something equally decadent and you’re on the right track.

The bath doesn’t have to complement the scheme but should ideally be tied in somehow. Otherwise, have a little fun with the bath and treat yourself to something special.

Copper wall panels or copper splashbacks

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Including metal within a rustic farmhouse bathroom scheme creates contrast. The cleanliness and precision of metal against the haphazard and uneven nature of the rustic.

Using aged copper takes the edge off that precision a little and can tie into that rustic nature better than many other metals. Plus, it brings its own charm and character to the bathroom without being overbearing.

Brass splashbacks

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If copper is a little rich in tone, brass might work. Brass has a genuine timeless appeal and a more subtle effect than copper. All while having the same convenience and character.

Milled brass provides a clean, precise look while aged brass can blur the lines between the old and new.

Done well, a brass feature can add a genuine touch of class to a rustic farmhouse bathroom.

Clean white tiles

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Even though we’re talking about a rustic farmhouse, this is still a bathroom. White tiles create that impression of cleanliness we expect from a bathroom and can provide crisp contrast to more rustic surroundings.

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White works well as it draws the eye, sets the scene but doesn’t get in the way of signature pieces.

Exposed brick walls

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Exposed brick works well in a multitude of design schemes, including a rustic farmhouse bathroom. If you have good quality brick, it’s also a very low effort way of making a statement.

Exposed brick works well either left natural and tidied up or whitewashed. You could paint the brick if you wanted, but brick often works best when left au naturel.

We would recommend not exposing every wall though. A feature wall or two, or exposed architectural feature often works better than all brick.

Reclaimed mirrors

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No bathroom would be complete without a mirror. Whether you go for a simple task mirror above the sink or something more elegant, nothing shouts rustic more than something reclaimed.

We particularly like elegant mirror frames that are, or have been, distressed. Plain mirror frames or multiple smaller mirrors can also work well.

The good thing about mirrors is that they are a reclamation yard favourite so you should always be able to find a good selection.

Imaginative lighting

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There is no specific type of lighting that fits a rustic farmhouse bathroom. This presents genuine freedom to express your creativity.

We would suggest using task lighting around the mirror and then studying the room to check your options. Use hanging lights or wall-mounted lights, depending on the space.

Industrial or heritage style lighting works with rustic schemes but anything aside from contemporary could also work equally well.

Rustic farmhouse bathrooms

Those are just 10 of many thousands of ways you can create a rustic farmhouse bathroom without spending a fortune.

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You can of course spend as much as you like, but part of the charm of rustic is barn finds or reclamation yard discoveries.

In these times of shortages and rising prices, being able to find a bargain and give old items a new purpose is genuinely fun as well as a way to save money!