Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard

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An innovative way to add flair to any outdoor gathering is by installing a fire pit. Not only does it enhance the atmosphere, sitting around it each evening is a wonderful way to relax and unwind at the end of a hard day.

Since fire pits come in an array of designs and models, this article will highlight seven types from which to choose from, that will help create a sophisticated focal point to your backyard.

Propane fire pits

For the ultimate convenience of homeowners propane fire pits give a quality flame without the need of refilling from time to time. Propane fire pits are a good investment as they add to the ambiance, provide warmth and have cooking capabilities and can be easily moved around in the backyard as they either are lightweight or come with wheels.

Stone fire pit

The use of natural stone is a perfect way to incorporate an artistic fire pit idea while landscaping the backyard. Moreover they come in a range of sizes and colors and you can build a seating place around the unit. In addition, a stone fireplace will add a long-lasting appeal and value to the property as a whole.

Brick fire pits

Whether round or rectangular, brick fire pits come in a range of colors and are a great addition to any gathering place outdoors. The borders can be lined with stone to add the extra bit of panache.

Wood burning grill

Installing a wood-burning fire grill is like having a campfire in your very own backyard. Apart from the crackle of wood they provide warmth and keep the fire contained as well. A fire pit that acts as a wood burning grill comes with a grill attached just above the burning embers making it handy for cooking and grilling.

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Copper bowl fire pit

A perfect addition for the backyard, this wood-burning fire pit made of steel and finished with high temperature copper paint is designed to last for years. It comes in traditional bowl style which is easy to lift to dump out the ashes. The poker is great for maneuvering the stacked pieces of wood for optimal air circulation. They are however an expensive option when it comes to fire pits.

Portable smokeless fire pits

A smokeless portable fire pit allows you to build the most efficient fire in your backyard. It eliminates the annoying experience of campfire smoke following you as you move around to escape it. The walls are engineered strategically to draw out air from the bottom for a light and flawless burning process.

Fire tables

This is another great outdoor fire pit idea which has gained in popularity. Portable fire tables are great to look and can be easily moved to an existing patio, outdoor kitchen or the backyard. The large ledge acts as a safety measure for children and keeps them away from the flames and as a top to place a glass or plate on. Furthermore, these elegant creations are so flexible, that they can add charm to any outdoor space.

Memel Solid Steel Fire Pit

Memel solid steel fire pit is one of the best pit ideas you can opt for. The low-key fire pit will be so inviting and the typical cast iron bowl will enhance the beauty. You can make use of any dark shade canvas butterfly chairs to make your backyard more beautiful. This fire pit will surely make you feel like you are sitting in a five-star hotel.

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Final Words

If you want to make the most of your backyard, you should consider one of the above-mentioned fire pit ideas. With a fire pit in your backyard, you can now relax, have a party with your friends, or simply sit beside your loved one.