Easy & Affordable Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Ways To Add Color To Your Home

Hello, there! I have a guest post on affordable ways to add color to your homes by Zoe Clark. Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist, and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own spaces.

Add Color to Your Home

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Over time, even the coziest of homes grow dull and worn-looking with regular use. Keeping your place clean and tidy is essential to functionality and comfort – but proper maintenance is only the first step a proud homeowner has to take on the quest to an inviting décor. Are you ready to spruce up the ambiance and fall in love with your home again? Here are five easy ways to add a dash of color to your living area without breaking the bank.

1. Pick the right color scheme

Based on the tone of furnishings, establish the color scheme you will strive to replicate in your home. You can do this by examining the color wheel and opting for either analogous hues (ideal for creating a casual atmosphere in private parts of the home, such as bedroom and nursery) or complementary tones (best suited for more formal areas, i.e. dining room and living room).

Add Color to Your Home

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2. Striking the tonal balance

Monochromatic decors are rather plain and look great on magazine covers only. That is why you should try and strike a visual balance by using two or three colors in your home. There are two main methods to go about it.

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The 80/20 rule

According to this principle, 80% of the room should be painted a neutral tone, while 20% can be accented by bright, solid or bold hues. Sparingly used, a pop of vibrant colors will liven up the ambiance, and you can use bright-toned sofa covers, blankets, throw rugs, lamp shades, and pillows (or even accent walls) for the purpose.

The 60-30-10 rule

Choose a dominant color to paint 60% of the room, then add a secondary tone to 30% of the décor for visual interest. Accent hues should be limited to 10% of the area for a final sparkle. In practice, this means painting walls and ceilings a dominant (preferably muted or neutral) tone, using upholstery in the secondary color and adding the accent hue as either wall art, chic accessory, or a flower arrangement.

Add Color to Your Home

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3. Do not forget doors and windows

Although walls, ceilings and floors constitute the largest section of a home, doors and windows also count in the final décor equation. Treat the doors to a fresh paint number, and consider outfitting the windows with tastefully hued curtains or shutters. You can find a wide range of quality custom blinds online which will help make your home look warm, and feel that way too on long winter days.

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4. Appliances and furnishings in a new groove

If your furniture and appliances are a bit worse for wear, restore the brand new feel by applying a fresh coat of lacquer, paint, or adhesive wallpaper. Grab sandpaper, a bucket of paint/varnish and a brush and get down to work! If you are renting, using adhesive wallpapers will be a more cost-efficient alternative to cover up scratched or discolored surfaces, and you can easily peel them off when you decide to move.

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5. Accent walls, arty nooks and cozy corners

Accent walls, wall art and snug reading nooks can add a unique personal note to your living area. Depending on the overall color scheme and vacant space, you can either paint one wall in a bold tone to create a focal point in the room, or experiment with photos, love notes, mementos, and motivational to create your own wall art masterpiece. If you are a bookworm, pick a corner to redo into a snug reading spot: a homely nook with pillows, blankets and your favorite literature is bound to make you smile on a gloomy day.

Spring is drawing nearer, so welcome it with a positive attitude – and the best way to make sure good mood sticks is to play around with colors in your home!