DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration

Christmas is almost here and you know what that means! Well, yes – presents. But not right now. First, you have to go through the joy of preparing the home for the holiday spirit. And what better way to do so than using your creativity to come up with smart and fun ideas for decorations of your design? What is best about those decorations is that you can make them eco-friendly thus not polluting your home with any dangerous chemicals which can hurt you in the long run. And don’t worry about not having any materials around – it’s a DIY, so that is pretty impossible. What is more important is not to go too crazy, because the home cleaning after the decorations will be really hard. Let’s take a look at your options.

Christmas Decorations

• Origami

This is the perfect way to reuse paper and make for a fun decor. Also, it’s not strictly a Christmas decoration, so if you make a few birds and angels, they can stay as decorations even after the holidays are over. Not to mention that making origami is one of the most peaceful activities you will find and it helps greatly the mind and spirit, bringing inner peace. Well, unless you are having trouble with the folding – in that case carpet cleaning will come early this year.

Christmas Decorations

• Gifts from nature

Christmas is mostly a celebration of nature, and therefore should be done with natural products. Always provide yourself with an organic Christmas tree, get as many acorns as you can, stitch them together in shapes, or string them together as a hanging decoration, or just add a little thread loop and hang them one by one on key spots about the home.

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Other things you can use as a decoration are fallen leaves. Sure, there aren’t many about in winter, but you can save some from the autumn and then add them to the home decor. They might crumble and bring about some need for house cleaning, but everything is in the name of the Christmas spirit, so endure.

Christmas Decorations

• Wine corks / Bottle caps

There is a huge variety of options you have with corks and caps. At the very least you can string two or three caps together and paint them white to make a snowman ornament. And wine corks can be put together as animals. You can also make coasters and trivets with the wine corks to add to the theme. There will be some house cleaning after you are done meddling with the corks, but that is a small sacrifice to get the proper decoration you want.

• Wine glasses and bottles

Yes, those can be used just as well. What does a wine glass look like? Why, half a snowman on a stick, of course. Add a round object at the top to complete the head, paint, and then find an appropriate location for them. And wine bottles can also be repainted or decorated, and even turned into Christmas candles to reduce the number of Christmas lights and therefore the energy spending.

Use your imagination to get ideas and then get creative. DIY-s are fun and simple, and you can create your very own unique Christmas decor. And don’t worry about home cleaning – there are plenty of professional cleaners to deal with them after all the celebrations are in the past.

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