7 Smart and Stylish Apartment Décor Ideas

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Basic apartment designs can get boring, especially if you live in a small home. Incorporating various apartment aesthetic ideas allows you to transform and customize the ambiance inside your home. As you update your apartment’s aesthetic, the redesign process will reignite the excitement you felt when you first moved in.

If you live in apartment rentals, there may be certain restrictions in place to prevent massive renovations. However, don’t let the guidelines restrict your creativity! You can still find a happy medium between functionality and design with your apartment décor. With careful planning, you can create a desirable home environment in your apartment space.

Check out these stylish décor ideas to improve the aesthetic in your apartment:

1. Create clearly defined areas

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Establishing clearly defined sections is a technique that will enhance the appeal of your apartment. For example, use dividers to make a small apartment space feel more spacious. You can also use items like bookshelves or furniture to create a buffer between the different areas in your home.

With this strategy, you can dedicate a section of your apartment to one of your hobbies. This will help you to create a look that’s unique to your apartment, one that you will enjoy seeing every day. In addition to traditional room dividers and shoji screens, you can use plants and art to section off certain areas of the apartment.

2. Use dual-purpose furniture

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Furniture that serves multiple purposes can transform your apartment. Using hollow ottomans will give you extra storage space, allowing you to remove clutter out of immediate sight. You can also invest in dining room tables with built-in cabinets or the ability to extend into a bigger table.

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If you want to maximize space in your bedroom, you can use a couch that transforms into a bed. This dual-purpose furniture allows you to use the extra space during the daytime.

3. Vertical organization

Image from Architectural Digest

Using vertical space to your advantage is a great way to create an interesting apartment aesthetic while also maximizing space. You can install floating shelves on your walls and use them to store things you have lying around. Floating shelves work especially well in your bedroom, where you can use them to reduce clutter from your dresser and floor.

You can use two identical bookcases and put them back-to-back to create the appearance of built-in shelving. Using these shelves to separate your kitchen from your living room is a great way to segment your apartment.

4. Use color to define your apartment

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Colour is one of the most obvious things people notice when they enter your apartment. The colours of your walls and furniture influence the ambiance created by your décor. If you live in a small apartment, light colours can help things seem more spacious.

You can create an accent wall, so there’s a place to incorporate deep, bold colours in your apartment. Buying chairs, couches and rugs that complement your walls is a great way to create a consistent aesthetic in your apartment.

5. Add objects to create depth

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Use objects to create depth, adding a layered feel and appearance to your apartment unit. In small apartments, you can layer objects by using colour contrast. If you have a dark colored rug, you can buy a light-colored couch to create visual depth. On the light couch, you can accentuate the design with boldly patterned throw pillows.

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For small apartments, use a long vertical mirror to maximize space. Stick to a basic frame instead of experimenting with artistically shaped mirrors. Frameless mirrors do the best job of creating the illusion of depth in an apartment.

6. Incorporate industrial age aesthetic

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One of the best apartment aesthetics is to include elements from the industrial age aesthetic. Modern apartments can adapt an industrial aesthetic by including items with rustic colours such as beige, brown, and grey. Brown and burnt colours will help you create a unique appearance that you won’t find in many other apartments.

You can add to the industrial feeling with metal chairs and other metal accessories, such as bookshelves and entertainment units. Wood items also fit in well with this aesthetic. To complete the look, you can accessorize your apartment with steampunk-themed lamps or mounted lights.

7. Use bohemian tones to create comfort

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The bohemian aesthetic uses earthy tones to create a comforting environment. You can enhance this aesthetic with raffia baskets for storage, boho-style rugs, and fairy lights as an accent. The bohemian aesthetic works especially well in a small bedroom that you want to feel cozy. You can add to this effect by using candles, crystals, and statues.