7 Luxury Condo Decoration Ideas and Trends

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

When you want to give your condo a high-end facelift, you need to concentrate on getting the most value out of your decor. Having beautiful furniture will only take you so far. You have to be smart with your decorating choices to create a luxurious and sophisticated feel.

A high-end style can make your condo the talk of the town. By using a few simple condo design ideas, you will transform your space aesthetically. Check out these luxury condo design ideas and turn the space into something fabulous.

Upscale Light Fixtures

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Browse any luxury condos for sale, and you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: incredible lighting. Everything in your condo tends to look better when it’s illuminated in a warm, dazzling light.

You should pick lighting that is bold and beautiful. Choose an upscale chandelier for your dining area and let it take over the ceiling. It can be the showpiece, so don’t shy away from something perfect. Wall lighting is elegant, while directional lighting that shines on art pieces and paintings can make your place luxurious.

Fresh Flowers

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

Anyone can grow plants in their homes but having fresh-cut flowers oozes luxury. You can bring in a bouquet and split them up into separate vases to put in different rooms. This is an easy way to spread the beauty and fragrance around your condo. Find a local florist shop that you like and stop by every week. Find a larger arrangement for the dining room table.

Buy flowers in season to take advantage of what is currently blooming and choose colours that reflect the various holidays. People notice the attention to detail, and it shows your style.

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Painting Elegance

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Decorating with paint transforms a regular apartment into a fabulous condo. You can make the space brighter with white tones and match it with your furniture decor. Warm greens reflect a calming presence and natural earthiness. It is a great contrast to white as well. Tranquil blues and beautiful browns will also bring up the luxury in your space.

Rich colours fill the home with soft and soothing texture. Bold can be beautiful, but muted tones provide a fantastic backdrop for your upscale furniture choices.

Full-Length Curtains

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

You can see luxury when you walk into a room and see vibrant high curtains falling to the floor. They attract attention and are the place for bold colours. Your ceiling will seem higher, and it will brighten up the room.

Layer light-coloured sheers behind the main drapes to add depth and a high-end look, and don’t forget the curtain rod. You can go bold here with a large rod and ornate end caps to draw the eyes. Straight pleats or a clever draping effect adds to the appeal.

Art Pieces

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Another way to add elegance to your condo is to adorn artwork and other creative pieces. If you have a favourite artist, showcase their work throughout your place. This creates conversation and leads guests around your condo to explore the artist with you. You can also choose art that fits your decor with colours and textures to enhance the luxury.

Oversized vases and sculptures fill corners, displaying your creative style. Framed photos are also a high-end touch when done right. Try grouping family photos together as well as candid shots of you on your grand adventures.

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Pillows & Rugs

Photo by Alex Shu on Unsplash

A great way to bring more texture and colour into your space is through pillows. They can give you the punch you need on an upscale white leather couch, and people love pillows. They are one of the most used accessory pieces so add them on every sofa, chair, and even your window seat.

A handwoven rug in your living room brings elegance and warmth while making a statement. Pick a pattern and texture that you love and your guest will love it as well. Add a rug in your bedroom too. Not everyone will see it, but it can be just for you.

Add Aroma

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

This type of upscale decorating goes unseen, but you can smell it. The best show homes have fresh baked cookies to help make the sale, and for a good reason. Smells evoke emotion. You want to have a scent that speaks to luxury. You can use high-end candles or essential oil diffusers to let the senses pick up on it.

Rose and sandalwood are gentle and romantic, while frankincense and myrrh are empowering fragrances from the Arabian peninsula. Choose a scent that is calming and speaks to your senses.

Candles have the added allure of the flame. Pick large candles as centrepieces and let their scent fill the room. It’s like a delicate perfume for your home.